Monday, April 12, 2010

weekend stuff... and monday

Whewwwww! What a busy and wonderful weekend of work, play, fellowship and blessings! The guys are helping Dave and Kate with their housebuilding. The slab is laid and now the walls are almost up with the Insulated Concrete Blocks. Micah has been over helping today as the guys are at their regular job sites. Dave served us pizza, 8 of them and not much left!!!! Saturday we, many of us hung around here and got things ready for our church service. I got some helpers and we got busy with the flower beds and did alot of outside work. I had the big planters on the porch, went to the nursery and picked out flowers to fill them and also got some beautiful hanging baskets for only $13.50 each! I also was able to get the bathroom finished except for the baseboards. I am so glad that project is near finished. I do not know what will be my next BIG project, maybe the boys room. It looks like it has bullet holes all over the walls.

So tonight, this might actually be a first night we are not going anywhere, maybe some volley-ball!! I have a brisket ready, baked potatoes in the oven, and Mercy and I went out and picked our garden salad! She was helping cut with Anna's knife and she said, "if I cut myself with this, I am toast." So much of a big girl in a little tiny body!!!

Oh, one thing we will do tonight is plant tomatoes. Got those in town today when we took the little inside doggies to get their shots so they can go to the groomer for their summer shave! Hosanna bought her some flower seeds and she is excited about planting them at her playhouse!

Sunday was a huge day of folks here at our house. 77 people were here!!! It went well! We also had a baby shower for a dear family. I made the diaper cake, my first one and it was fairly easy, you just need two people to work the rubber bands putting it together!

Better go, the guys are on their way and this computer will not be available until later!!!!!


Teena said...

Hoping my comment will work from my phone! Computer out!ugh

Love the pics!Love your flowers and outside look!

What kind of inside doggies? We have a min pin.


The Mayo Family said...

Looks like a great wkend & your weather! Wow, my girls said "what did they get for dinner from OUTSIDE"? Smile we here in Wisconsin or drooling!
Glad that all is going well...
How about a few pic's of your addition or are you done / that yet?
Your family (blog) is a blessing to many!

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Hi Cindy, Wow........can not believe it is that warm there. We are still freezing!Is it warm there from here till fall? How nice. Glad you had a wonderful weekend. Your bathroom looks wonderful! Think of you all the time. I saw a woman who looked just like you at the store and I was thinking I WISH!!!!! :) Well take care.

Sit A Spell said...

Love your front porch planter pots! Good deal on your hanging pots. I made some planters very similar last yr in Michigan. Geraniums are a fav and is that a sweet potato vine? I actually have Habiscus in them this yr...cause it's hot down here in Florida! It's been right about 80 for many days now. I sooo want to plant tomatoes etc, but cant because we back to the conservation area and the plants will bring the BEARS into the neighborhood! (maybe one tomato plant on my front porch...)

The slab looks great...I'm sure they are super excited!

Really like the bathroom makeover...the black looks fantastic and will hide dirt.

Lindsay B. said...

I just bought plants for my pots, 'cause you inspired me! They are beautiful! I didn't find exactly what you did, but hopefully mine will look as nice as yours!