Friday, April 2, 2010

lego party pictures

Lego Party for Joshua......... lots of red, blue and yellow....even the popcorn!!!! The Lego party accomplished! Do you think anything exists for a BD meal besides hamburgers????.......NO!!! So we had hamburgers and chips. Joshua also picked brownies and Blue Bell ice-creme for dessert! I also made Pinwheel Lego colored cookies and a small Lego block cake for decoration.

As you can see, Joshua already has many Lego's. They are a great tool to be creative with, I like toys like that! He got the Fire Station tonight and I thought it would take a really long time to get it together but he, Hosie, Jeremiah and Siah had it going well while we went out and played some volley-ball! Finally got the crew back in the house and played a few "Lego games." One was getting a Lego guy through an obstacle course down the table. He had a string tied around his head and you had to pull him on a little flatbed trailer, push it him through a tube (empty toilet paper roll) then drag him over some duplo steps, through some water (in a pan) then drop him in a milk jug and shake him out the end that had a hole in it! Another one was finding various Lego blocks in a box of Lego colored popcorn blindfolded in 30 seconds. Kate was the winner of this
game. The last game was dropping Lego blocks looking over the back of a chair into a milk jug. I think Jeremiah won with getting three pieces in.

Then dessert!!!

Then Terry, Caleb and Daniel admonished Josh with scriptures that spoke of "manhood." Fleeing youthful lusts, and how should a young man cleanse his way....through the Word. A good time of encouraging Josh with truth! I am so grateful for the Lord saving Josh and for him to really know Jesus on this special day of........"young manhood."

We had someone ask about the "manly celebrations" that we do at age 12. We started this I guess when Elijah turned 12 and it was more formal. Elijah performed a mini concert on the piano, Terry, my dad, Caleb and Daniel shared scriptures with him. We had kind of a reception of food and I guess it was a bit fancy. But when Micah turned 12 we had his celebration up at the barn, more casual and Andrews was a western theme, (his is listed on the BD parties "Manly 12 party." Terry and I both feel like there is example in scripture at the age of 12, being young men. There are no "teen-agers." Thats just the world's talk and look at what comes of it, a lot of immature, peer pressured unmanly sons. When you tell them they are (young) men, and give truths for them to strive for, they reach forward to the high calling. Its only by His grace they become mighty men, God uses parents to speak, teach, encourage, show by example hard work ethics, integrity. How desperately I need grace each day to seek to do that, I fail so often but I am so blessed to have the opportunity to plant truth in their tender hearts. I am so grateful for the men that God has given to us now too.....Caleb, Daniel, and then Elijah and Micah on the heels of full manhood. O, Lord may your mercy and power be unleashed upon every son and daughter in our family and be holy thine all the days of their lives!!!!! I love my children, I am so blessed, thank you Jesus!!!! Better stop before I have tears all over the keyboard!!

Oh, and overlook the big guys clothes, they worked, cut trees on land, some planted in the garden, so that means......dirt and then they came to a party!!!!

Sooooooo, one more party down, a break til June and then Bethany's and Terry's , but just BD dinners for them!!!!

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

I am going to have a re-peat of some photos for Resurrection Sunday with a couple added illustrating through photos the glorious day of the Resurrection!! I love these pictures Anna took and how they tell a story!

Oh, here is a some pictures that Josh has drawn. They are scanned so your missing some of the details.


Missy said...

That sounds like a very fun party and some great games to play too. What a blessing to see not only the father but also the older brothers reading scriptures to their younger brother. Did I see your husband and son on an old Duggar Family video. We have bought the first few specials and seasons? My kids watch and rewatch them. And love that double wood rocker (or is it a chair) in the background of one of those pictures. Sounds like an exciting birthday. Missy

-stephanie- said...

What a great party! Happy Birthday Joshua. What some great drawings! Such talent.

A blessed Resurrection Day to all of you too.

Jessica said...

Cindy, there is no end to your creativity! What a fantastic birthday celebration!

Blessings to all of you on this blessed Resurrection Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I may use some of these lego party ideas for my lego-lovers! You are awesome!
And Josh is *extremely* talented - oh my! ;-)