Saturday, April 3, 2010

He came, He died, He arose !!

we are in bondage, all have sinned

He came and walked this earth

He was beaten and scourged for sinners

a crown of thorns was put upon his head

nails pierced His hands and feet

as He hung upon a tree, a cross

He is not here....He is risen!! He is risen indeed!

He lives and we too can have new life

come, those that thirst and drink of the living
water freely

Praise the Lord for my Risen Savior, my hope! I went to Joel's grave today, where his little 3 year old earthen vessel lays. I am so thankful that he is not there, he is with Jesus! Guess what I saw on top of his grave today? Two purple tulips in full bloom. Not one but two! Such a blessing to my heart, one for Joel and one for Josiah.

Have a blessed Resurrection Day!


-stephanie- said...

This is so beautiful! What a beautiful surprise you had in seeing the tulips.

Teena said...

He has Risen Indeed... so very thankful that I am His and He is mine. Where would we be without the blessed HOPE of our dear Savior.

HOW WONDERFUL... what a awesome blessing God gave you in the two tulips... may it comfort your heart. He has not forgotten you, Cindy... I know you know that... isn't those little reminders so refreshing to our hearts.

YOU inspire me... day after day after day... May you truly be blessed this Resurrection MORN.

Everyone is tucked away asleep here. I am getting things ready for the morning. I do baskets... I know not many do but my mom did it for us and my kids love it. We do Holy Week devotions and I have a cake made like a tomb.... Wyatt wrapped up a lego man in white tissue and we put Him in the tomb. Then Wyatt went to everyone.... Jesus is in the tomb. After everyone was in bed... I took Jesus out and set him on the top. Just something simple. They love it though. Not sure how others feel but I want to live it... I want them to know it is what it is all about.

Ok rambling... too too late...

Hugs... I think of you so often.

OH and the Lego party what a hit! I read this morning on my phone butg didn't get to comment!

YOU do such a great job.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post...thinking of you and your family today !