Friday, April 9, 2010

caption winner !!!!!!!

Caption Contest Winner

Erin B.

Josiah: "I don't think this thing will ever
run again!!
Mercy: "no problem, we'll just give it to Dave for
his birthday!

Erin, e-mail me at
and give me your address
and we will get you
wind chimes
in the mail!

There were soooooo many funny ones, thank you all for participating!!! I enjoy doing things for you all, its not much, but a little that says a great BIG thank you for keeping up with our family!!!! We are blessed to have you on our journey of life!

Heading to Dave and Kate's, just down the road a bit. I am sooooo glad the guys, (Caleb and Daniel's) land is so close to home and they probably will be too when they do get married, so they can eat with us...LOL!!!!!

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Teena said...

Hi! Just wanting you to know our computer crashed on Thursday. I am reading... but can not comment!! :(

I am reading daily....


I can get email and read on my phone. :)