Monday, April 5, 2010

red roof !!

Got me a red roof going!!!! Painting the bathroom ceiling this morning! I like it!!! I do not know if I'll get to the walls, (they will be a brown tone) today but tomorrow will be on that, need to do some school after lunch.

I think I told you all that some of them had slept out on the land a week or so ago. Well, Bethany, Caleb and Daniel slept out there Friday night. They built a camp fire to stay warm, it was very cold that night, maybe as low as 37* I guess they do not know the "boy scout" rules.....ALWAYS make sure you put your campfire is out! SOOOOOOO, Daniel got a lot of under brush cleared out.....about 20 acres!!! The guys and Terry were gone all day Sat. to help a family in our church. They all got back and Dave, Kate, Anna, Elijah, Micah, Andrew, Bethany, Caleb and Daniel headed out to the land. They were working on Dave's land and Micah had gone to C& D's land to see about something and he came running back breathlessly. Caleb's campfire had lit up and they had a ground fire going. The volunteer fire dept, (but not the one Elijah is on because a different county) came and had to help put it out! I guess after it was all out except for some hot spots, it did benefit by burning up all the thorns and underbrush. It could have been really bad if the wind went the other way. Thing is, you could not see it from the road. Only a few cedars went up, it stayed low but it did cover about 20 acres. The girls said they were using shovels and cedar branches to hit the flames. It never ceases to amaze me, the things our family can get in to!!!!! We really are thankful, it could have been terrible!

We did a lot of garden planting Friday, I'll be back in a bit to post garden stuff!!


Sharon said...

Guess those boys should start a journal of their life beginning with the property purchase... if God answers Mercy's prayer for wives, they will have one exciting life. And everyone will want to read 'the book' someday! :)

Santo said...

A red roof would be totally cool! In some cultures, red is considered an auspicious color. About your camping incident, I hope next time you make sure to take safety precautions. Unattended campfires can be very dangerous Keep safe!

Santo Caridine

Galliena said...

Hmm, red is used a lot in contemporary designs today. It is most commonly used in condo units or in rooms with small spaces… I think you made the right choice!

Galliena Gornet

Alejamuel Sultz said...

Good choice on the red roof, Cindy! Painting your roof red gives an additional flavor to your home. Even though red is one of the famous options for roof colors, its stunning effect never seem to fade away. It’s like the magic of red stays forever. By the way, you have such a wonderful family with lots of inspiring stories! =)

Alejamuel Sultz

Mary said...

I’ve only seen a few red roofs that I really liked, and one of them is the famous Red Roof Cottage at Scotland. It has the quintessential red roof, one that is worth taking a look when you do chance upon the place. And the color you chose is actually very close to the color of Cottage’s roof. I bet your roof made you house look amazing, not to mention eye-catching!

@Mary Martin