Thursday, April 22, 2010

vans, bikes, ironing, dozers & cemeteries ....

Give me an "S', give me a "H", give me a "I", give me a "F", give me a "T", give me another "S"!!!! What ya got??????? "SHIFTS!!!! Thats right, it shifts, the van shifts!!!! Who do we appreciate?????? John D.!!!!!!!! I am trying to do a cheer, can you tell???? So funny, last night Mercy was soooo excited to get the van back she asked several people to take her out in it just to sit! This morning Anna, Mercy and I went on a little shopping trip. Went to a few of the resale stores, did not find anything. We stopped by Academy Sports store and Anna found several shirts and me too, but Mercy noticed across the isle that this store had "little" bikes!! She wanted to go check them out and rode one around. She was really being so sweet in asking and I told her she would have to tell dad about it. She was in the dressing room with me and she wanted to call her daddy and tell him how much it costs and ask if he could buy it for her. Now if your a dad and you get a phone call from a sweet little girl and she gives you the info, what would you do??????? He could not resist so she got a new bike, her first bike actually! She rode it through the store as we finished up and went to pay. I think the 30 minute drive home was sooooo long for her, she could hardly wait to get home and show all the "little kids" the bike!!! That was funny because she is the little kid! What a blessing it is to be able to give good gifts to our children and how much more our Heavenly Father delights in giving to us!

OK, who likes to iron???? What mother likes it???? I can't stand it!!! What young daughter gets thrills from doing it????? Ours can't stand to iron either! We rarely iron clothes because our church clothes we try to take off when we arrive at home so we can wear them many times. But occasionally we get a pile of clothes that scream at you and you have to do it, or at least the one shirt that you need to wear. Well, I think this is very funny/interesting! Remember the family I mentioned at Christmas and how he was a chef and brought trays and trays of things to eat to our party. Well, Jeremy works at this place that hosts, weddings, proms, parties in a very fancy setting. Its an old children's home that has been remodeled and its beautiful on the outside anyway. That family pic on the side with the white pillars was taken there. I would not be surprised if one of our children has their wedding there. OK, on with the story......this place needed some folks to iron the chair covers and linens and table cloths for them.......soooooo guess who is going to do it....heheheheh!!!!......the daughters of this house that can't stand to iron!!! They will do it as needed, like today they will iron and go back and catch up and then they might not need any more for a bit until the lady calls and then they will go iron again. They get paid by each item they iron, so if you ironed 100 pieces you could possibly make a $100 in day. Some of the pieces they will get more than a $1 for. So I could not help think of how the Lord allows us to benefit from things that we might have opportunity to do but not necessarily something that we LOVE. Anna said she would do "anything" for extra money. Thats not really true but she was really seeking "how" to make some extra cash, because we do not have it to pass out !!! LOL! We'll see how it all goes, main thing is that it does not consume their time and how they are still needed here and its good that it is soooo close to our home, just in town.

Just been thinking of how the Lord allows us along life's road to meet people and we never know at the time the "why" of meeting them. 17 years ago we met a widow lady in town and we sought to help her with things around her house, she loved the children, I mean loved them!! She died about 10 years ago, I think. A sweet lady! No more connections with the family, it seemed for a season we were put there to help her. Right by our house is a small family cemetery and I remember this widow lady when she visited us one time said it was her families. When Joel died we could not stand burring him in town. Terry had the idea to contact this family and remember we only knew them through the widow and had no contact with them in say 10 years or more. The family gave us a plot for Joel's body. I can't help but think of another man that Terry and the guys met and was suppose to work on re-modeling his house. He had cancer at the time and soon deteriorated and he died 5-6 months ago. The son in law of this man that goes to our church enjoys Caleb and Daniel and he inquired of this mans wife if the boys might could use his back hoe. It seemed like it was not going to work out with all the lawyer stuff with a death, but just recently it looks like its a possibility of them using it on their land. They have sooo much dozer work and to rent one would be so expensive. If the Lord works it out and they get to use it it is another testimony of the Lord's work of Providence of who we meet. Yes, we walk forward in this life but I think our heads and eyes always need to be looking back to what He does and how faithful He is, even with dozers and cemeteries. Who have you met lately????

Well, when Anna gets back I will have her take a picture of Mercy on her new wheels!!!!!


The Lockwood Family ♥ said...

That is the best picture! What a sweet face! :) It's so nice when we are able to bless our children!
Tell Mercy that her new bike is very nice! :)

The Lockwood Family ♥ said...
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Beth said...

Mercy looks so excited! Hope she has tons of fun with that bike!