Wednesday, April 21, 2010

van and work....

We have great news......the van is fixed and ready to go!!!! Terry plans to pick it up tonight after work! Thanks so much to the John D. family for skill and talent to re-build the transmission and we thank whoever blessed us anonymously a few weeks ago at church with the money to repair it. You see, it would have been still sitting there as a yard ornament if it were not for God's great provision, our family operates on a debt free bases, always have and it was not an option for us to just go out and buy another van, new or used! And its just in time for grocery day this week!! I will be smiling and lovin that big honkin' white thing!!!!! And Elijah will be sooooo glad I am not driving his truck on all my errands, he shared willing but you know a guy likes to take care of his truck!

Well, it looks like the Lord is unfolding the biggest job that Shekinah Springs Construction has ever done. Remember the school job I mentioned awhile back? It was a school of 50,000 square feet and to be built in Build Block. Plans are underway and Terry and our crew will hopefully be beginning their phase mid June. Of course all the foundation work has to be done first. Alot of planning and prep is underway for Terry as he seeks to orchestrate adding 4 more workers to the already crew of our 4 guys. Terry has made contact with a young man from N. Carolina and he will be flying in and working on this job and he has also talked with a local friend that will hopefully be able to work as well. The job will possibly last 3-4 months. So this young man (from N.Carolina) will work with the guys and be on board with our family for these months. Terry is looking into renting a house as opposed to staying in a hotel which would kill the budget. So that means I need to help with getting things together for them, such as linens, few kitchen items, and some basic house things they will need. They will travel back and forth according to schedules and needs. It will be an interesting summer it looks like!!!

Today, we are cleaning house, doing some school. Clouds and sun are around. I am ready for full blown summer! I had the heat on yesterday!!! LOL!!

Well, guess thats all there is to report from the home front!!

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The Ahlgren Family said...

WOW! We're so happy that they were blessed with this job! It will be an adventuresome summer!!! The guys can borrow the coffee pot ya'll gave us for their rent house, if it can keep up with the demand! :)
Glad the Lord let the van get fixed too! Now you can drive through Edmond in your muddy country van again! Hehe! :D

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

That is great about your van. Good for you being debt free too no matter what. That is awesome and you do not see that much. The Lord opened our eyes to what the Bible says about that about 5 years ago and we have a tiny bit left on our home so in a few months we are out of debt and will continue to live by that rule. Praise the Lord. Also, wonderful that the guys have that huge job. That is a blessing for sure. Well I so enjoy your blogs and happenings so thank you.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's great about the job! And the van!! Is it a 15 passenger?

You know... I've got a brother who is a carpenter. He's been building houses since he was oh, 16 I guess (he's 23 now) And he loves it! If you are looking for another worker I'll mention it to him!
He's been talking about joining the army or going off shore, because .... you can only build so many houses in one area then... no more work! And the way the world is now... not much work!

Just a thought! Our blog is :)

Does Anna have a blog? Or somewhere she posts her photos besides on this blog? I'd LOVE to see more of her pictures! She's great!

Sarah G.