Thursday, April 29, 2010

her first words !

I was sitting on my bed reading my Bible this morning, Mercy upon the pillow all snuggled down in my bed, fuzzy hair every which way, a squirm and eyes still closed, she rose up a bit and said, "i love you so much mommy," with eyes still closed she plopped back on the pillow and went back to sleep. Her first words of the whole day! What were your first words, first thoughts of the day? Just as a little child, do we come to the One that we know will take care of us for the day, do we even take time to speak words to Him in the mornings, what were your first words to Him this morning? I don't think I have had a child that expresses her endearments so much as Mercy, she constantly tells me she loves me, she wants to get so close to me and squeeze me. How much I can learn from her, help me to learn even from a child, Lord! How much more the Lord desires to do this to His own children. Do you hear Him telling you how much he loves you, how close he wants to be to you? I love the truth of scripture that speaks of the covenant that Christ has made with us. It will never be broken, it is forever filled and overflowing with mercies, grace, blessings, and so much that we will ever need as we journey this earth, that is all ours if we are in Christ. I am so thankful that everything of Christ never changes!

Wow, it is sooooo windy here! The sun is bright though! Bethany went to help out some friends at their goat farm with a linear appraisal. That is when you pay a judge to come out and access your goats privately. Anna went to take pictures for the folks web site and Andrew went just because. At least on a windy day, it will not be a bad hair day for goats to get pictures made! :)

The guys are sooo busy right now, and how thankful we are for that! Jobs are lined up and waiting. Still about 6-7 weeks away until the big school job. Terry has another possible young man from Mississippi to come and help. Looks like our house will be full for the summer weekends with a bunch of guys!!!! :) I love boys anyway so a few more will be great for me!

Church is at our house this Sunday. Starting to get things prepared and cleaned up for that. It is alot of work. I like to get all the yard done and trimmed up and all the outside cleaned and straightened. I guess thats why others do not offer to have it at their house. Things sometimes do get broke and used and I certainly need continued grace to be hospitable but really after its all said and done, there is joy that the Lord has provided so we can host many people.

Since there is not many of us here. only a 1/2 doz. children and myself, and the "lunch girls" are gone, and because I do not want to fix lunch and because we are bored, we are going out to get some lunch!


SARAH said...

oh wow! i have a girl, Nina, who is32, and she has left home. every morning (as soon as she could talk) i longed for her to say that to me, and she only did when she was 7. it is such a blessing to have children. you are so blesed

The Mayo Family said...

Hello Cindy,
How sweet of your baby! :)
secondly...I am glad I am not the only Momma who says...lets go get something to eat, when so many are gone. :) Ha! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Awww sweet words!

Still reading, praying for you!


Abigail said...

That's so sweet! My baby sister, Rachel (6) is always saying things like that, too - especially to Mama.

I love reading your blog and keeping up with another big family - so fun!