Monday, April 26, 2010

weekend re-cap and more......

Can you Oklahomans believe it????? The Thunders won!!!!! Caleb said it was a crazy, wild game inside and outside!! I think that was a well worth $30 he spent on a ticket! Hope they can keep it up in LA and "whip em!"

After church we went out to the land, grilled some burgers and we ate in Dave and Kates house! Its all dried in, windows are in, inside is framed! They have just owned the land a month and the house is about 1/2 done! Good job, Dave! Elijah had to "play " a bit on the back hoe and dig Dave's septic hole for the tank. He likes BIG machines! Laying in hammocks and popping "coke" tops out on the land is quite the life they think. We had a great time. Some of them stayed out at the land until dark, Terry and I came back home with the little people! They would probably be so sad that I always refer them to "little" people. Guess its good they don't read this yet! The dozer that the lady is letting them use for free is being delivered this afternoon, so I might not see "C and D" for a long time! Oh, yesterday while we were at the land, Mercy had to go to the "potty" but there is no pottys's except woods. She had never done this before but cooperated willingly. I took and she did it! SO, awhile ago she came running in all excited and exclaimed "mommy, mommy, I went to potty outside, and after I wuz done I just pulled them up all by myself!!!!!" I guess she was so fascinated with the fact she did not have to take the time to come inside while playing that she can "do" this now!!! I quickly enocuraged her since we are at home and we have a bathroom here that she needs to come inside and go!!! She was ok with it, but a bit discouraged that she could not continue her "outdoorsey pit stops!"

Bethany and Micah are heading towards Tulsa to pick up Anna from her adventures with her friends, I will be so glad to have her back.....laundry is her job and whewww, its been tough doing it, especially since our dryer is outside, hauling clothes in and out!

A few weeks ago, I was not feeling the greatest. I decided to get back on some of the natural things I take and be consistent with taking them, being on the treadmill everyday, and also I have been sugar and caffeine free for 8 days now. I don't miss the sugar but I am missing the coffee like crazy. I have lost 7 more pounds in these 8 days, so I guess its good I quit the sugar anyway. Three more pounds and I will be at beginning of marriage weight. Anyway, I feel so much better, like I have been cleaned out. The day following that I did not have coffee, I felt sooo terrible and tired, draggy. But the next day I felt better, I guess coming off the caffeine was getting my body leveled back out. I can't say I will never drink coffee again, I love it, but a break is good and I would rather feel better than have coffee. I am thankful to the Lord because I have been asking Him to help my body feel better.

I read a verse this morning... this do in remembrance of me, I Cor. 11:24. Even though this verse is specifically speaking of Christ, it touched my heart as it makes me think of Joel too.

it seems everything I do is in remembrance
of you.
when we go to rodeo's and I see all your
brothers lined up on the fence watching
and I count them and there is only 8,
when I get in our van and it seats 15, but there is only
14 in it now, your seat is vacant.
when I go out side and Mercy is
swinging to the sky on the very
swing set you enjoyed.
when I make pizza, a favorite meal.
every morning when I ask God
for grace to believe that His plan
is perfect.
when I hold Siah's little rough hands,
I remember you
There is not a day, a moment that
I do not
Love you still!

Kate took a few pictures while we were at the land last night, when she sends them over, I'll put a few up!

Have a great Monday!


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

That is so cute about Mercy and the potty ordeal. That is amazing losing 7 pounds that quick!!! What did you eat? I will be on the gaining side now :( But you had your share of that!!! Glad you feel good. Sweet to read all the ways you think of Joel. I am sure there are hundreds of times in one day you think of him. I am sure he thinks of his mommy that many times a day in heaven :) You are a good mommy to him still. Well enjoy the rest of your week.

Sharon said...

Strive for health in ways you can Cindy - it doesn't get easier as the years pass, so what you can do now is great. I left caffeine cold turkey 24 years ago at doctor's request. The first three weeks were tough due to caffeine withdrawls. I decided then I would never even cheat. It doesn't even tempt me now. :) I have other challenges to work on though. :o
God is faithful!

Anonymous said...

So funny about Mercy! Our boys do that outside but I tell them to come in! We live in the woods but still!

Great about Dave's house!

I know Joel is ALWAYS on your mind...that is how it should be!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Oh and great on the weight loss and eating better. I have gained 20 of my 40 back. STill walking but trying to get back to only eating the good HEALTHY stuff!

I felt so bad before losing...headaches, stomach, I need to do this as a way of life.

Chocolate is my weakness!


Sit A Spell said...

They have half the house finished! That is awesome, but better get a bathroom in quickly for Mercy! Back in Michigan, my son had a fav tree he would "use" every now and again and thought it was cool. It was a huge 100 yr tree, I guess he thought I couldn't see him ; )

No sugar or caffeine, wow Cindy. I am a huge tea drinker, but mostly drink decaf, but love my sweet tea. I also LOVE milk, but it doesn't love me, so I'm cutting way back and I feel better.

Love the Sissy would fight him for a spot on that hammock...can't wait to show her that picture.

Mountain Mama said...

Hello Friend!
Just so you know - we are pulling for OKC to "whip" the Lakers also. But only b/c we are Jazz fans and we have not been able to beat the Lakers. We have beat OKC. Not easy but we have. So, if your Thunder move on and our Jazz move on to to the next round - I won't be cheering for your Thunder anymore. :-)

Thanks for sharing the ways you think of Joel. So incredibly sweet!!

ps GO Thunder (for now anyway) :-)