Thursday, April 15, 2010

more of mercy stories !

Surprisingly Terry and I do have brief moments of talking privately! One was yesterday as I was getting some sun in a chair and he was in the garden and he pulled up a chair and we had a talk. This particular talk was just fine. I'll have to admit sometimes the "talks" are not exactly what I want to talk about. Sometimes husbands gently give encouragement and reproof as they are suppose to do. Sometimes I respond with "do we have to talk about this?" Or I might say "I don't want to talk bout this." After its all said and done I appreciate Terry and his responsibility to lead me. So now to the funny part of this story! We have a slight problem, well I don't see it as a problem but maybe a "little girl that likes to sleep with us!" In our 23 years of marriage we have never had a child sleep in our bed except for a sickness. Anyway last night as I said before, she likes to "talk" before she goes to sleep. Terry and I were trying to convince her to sleep in her bed. She is all the time proclaiming she is a "big girl." She says she is bigger than these two little girls that attend our family church! And she is in age by a year and a little more older. So Terry and I go on to tell her that these girls that are "littler" than she is sleep in THEIR OWN beds!!! She got silent real quick and then with a bold, flat statement said, "I don't wanna talk bout that!!!!" We both were shocked with laughter that she said this and Terry got a real kick out it because he has heard that SAME statement before but not only from a 4 year old but from a 47 year old.....his wife!!! I told him, "see, its just a woman thing!" Now I guess back to the "extra bed girl," I do not necessarily need a solution, she is likely our last and I am going to enjoy every touch, every squeeze, and every "i love you to the moon" that she says as we snuggle together!!! Oh, she also asked "why we had a queen size bed?" Terry said because we are "man and wife!" She says "OOOOOO!"

The guys are in two crews today, lotsa work going on! We are grateful! The van is hopefully going to be ready early next week! With a re-built engine last year and now a transmission, we should be good to go for years.....hopefully!! What else can be replaced??????????? Kate had to help be a "doggie transport" for our little inside Yorkie and Malteese (Bethany's dogs) to go to the groomer today...thanks Kate!

YOU should see our strawberrie plants!! If the Lord is willing and every bloom produces a strawberry we are literally going to have hundreds and hundreds of berries!!! Very exciting! Terry's diligence will be rewarded this year as he has worked, weeded, composed, and cared for them. They are in a raised bed with tons of rich compost from barns, stalls and compost piles! The potatoes are all up and the rows look full of plants, the corn, green beans are all up. We are eating spinach regularly, asparagus never makes it to the table, broccoli is coming so we are blessed with produce for our family and Lord willing to take to Farmer's Market starting June 1st!

Someone asked how our addition was coming? We have not proceeded with any more work besides having the space as of now, which we are loving the space!! The next step when the Lord provides we will put the drywall up and do the wood ceiling. After that we would like to put the boxes to the cabinets up along the one wall that will hold the sink and then we can take out the remaining kitchen wall and we would still use the stove and cook top that exists now. Eventually we will get doors and such for the cabinets. We are hoping Caleb and Daniel will be able to build the cabinets with the purchase of a few tools and a few trips to Tulsa for some friends to help.

A big day Saturday if the rain holds off, Dave is having a "roof raising" at his new house. Hope to get the trusses on, the roof framed and metal on it as well, walls framed up inside too!

Need to go walk on the tradmill.....anybody working on good food and good exercise? Its a blessing to see the scales tip....but to the small numbers! We can do all things through Christ, even loose weight! Get a plan and go for it! Mine is "meat and green stuff." Hardly any or no sweets!

Take care!

Hey, if you have not ordered one of the guys CD's, do it now at the top right, just click! We have a new shipment arriving hopefully Friday or Monday!


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Hi Cindy!!! Don't you love when our husbands reprove us? It really is a good thing. I just love how mecy said " I dont wanna talk about it" cracks me up. Funny too she sleeps with you and none of the others did. NOne of ours do and we do not plan on it. I always feel like I am the only mom who doesnt want them in bed with me!!! I enjoy checking on you all and still pray for you. Chad likes to see what is going on with you too. Well thanks for a good post. Blessings


Teena said...

You know our Wes was in our bed for the longest and dh would say...its time! Wes would sneak in at night and dh would say "come on!" Lol He is our youngest! He will be 7 in July.

I was around 42 when he was born.... So ???


Teena said...

Oh forgot to he is a bunk bed w/ Wyatt and doesn't come to our bed anymore, I miss it!


Emma and Mommy said...

I guess the apple doesn't fall from the tree in this case. What a cutie little Miss Mercy is. I hope she will sleep in her own bed soon, I am glad none of our 3 got into that except when sick, and on occasion I let them "for fun".

I am watching what I eat and trying to excerise, trying being the key word. I really have to remember I can do all things through Christ, because its very very very hard for me!

Take some pics of those strawberries when they start blooming. I am doing sweet peppers, basil, thyme and mint in my little backyard this year and some pretty flowers out front.

Anonymous said...

"With a re-built engine last year and now a transmission, we should be good to go for years.....hopefully!! What else can be replaced???????????"

Unfortunately, many things. I had the same thoughts and finally gave up. Got another one.