Friday, April 2, 2010

joshua is 12 !!!!!!

Happy Birthday


Joshua, our 6th boy, 8th in birth order, (bred and born on the farm:) is 12 today! We seek to encourage and admonish our boys when they turn 12, they are entering, embarking on "young manhood." Tonight Terry will exhort him with blessings of manhood and hopefully Caleb, Daniel and Elijah will have time to share some scriptures with him as well. (big work day) For a loonnnggg time I have been praying for Joshua but especially back in Jan. knowing his 12th BD was soon arriving, I felt so burdened for him and sought to be fervent with pleadings to the Lord on his behalf. As opportunity arose through out the days, I would try to speak truth and share with him his need for Jesus. About a month ago, Joshua came to Terry along with Josiah and they both invited Jesus into their hearts! I was filled with extreme gratefulness to the Lord for his mercy upon Joshua's heart and for allowing it to all take place before his 12th BD.

Joshua is very talented!! He has an incredible ability to draw. 3-d pictures are a breeze. He can draw life like animals by just looking at pictures. He can draw house plans, floor plans and the house itself in 3-d! When he gets older, Terry, Caleb, Daniel and Elijah will have their own architect to build neighborhoods!!! He still enjoys jumping on the trampoline, very scary to watch! I am thankful for the "new man" I am seeing and fruit that is springing forth!

So tonight, a Lego party!!! He already has soooooo many but it just goes along with what he likes to do and that is create!!!!

I love you



Chad and Jessica's Family said...

What a sweet boy. Cute too!!! Or handsome. :) Hope this day is special for him. Praise the Lord for Joshua's salvation! I would love to hear the scriptures for manhood!!! Blessings..........

missy said...

Happy Birthday to your young man! I remember when you told all of us about his salvation time a few months back. Would love to hear more about what all you guys do when your sons turn 12. And a Lego party, mine would love that! Missy

Mandy said...

Looking forward to the Lego party pics! All the parties have been so great! I've been bad about commenting lately, but I look at the blog every day and think about all of you often!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Josh!!!! Have a great party! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday fella.
Would love to see some of the 3-D drawings he has done.