Monday, April 5, 2010

garden twenty-ten





plantin' crew

sugar snap peas

I ate it right then and there!!



baby yummy!

Terry had a lot pf helpers!!!! We got 12, 75 foot rows of corn in. Six rows of greenbeans about 50ft in and in a week we will do 6-8 more rows of beans. We do not want it to all be ready a the same time, so we will have plenty to take to farmers market starting first of June. The garden is getting closer and closer to the house :)

Another one of Mercy's prayers or "shouts" was answered. We had a big blessing at church yesterday. Remember the van croaked, the transmission went out. The Lord literally dropped cash into Terry's bible!!! We are just a few hundred dollars short of the amount!! I guess it will be resurrected one more time. I really like the ole' thing! We are grateful once again for answered prayer, we truly are utter dependent upon His provision!!!

Gotta go fix dinner and volley ball at a gym tonight!!!!


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Hi Cindy, that is great for them to learn along side their dad. What a blessing for him too! :) Oh and how special you saw 2 tullips at Joels grave. God is so faithful and what a blessing.


Sit A Spell said...

Just read down through Josh's drawing, which were great by the way! Looks like he had a fun party! My little man would have loved that one!
So neat that two tulips were there.
Love that pic of the planting crew! Adorable. Great garden helpers they are. Awesome shots of them working. I remember doing that very thing when I was a kid!
Her photo story was awesome, truly it was. Indeed HE is Risen!

Oh, very excited that your van might get fixed!

The Ahlgren Family said...

Broccoli! Wow! Everything's looking grrreat! :) I like that picture of Siah hammering in the row marker!