Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He Thinks About "Me"...

Grocery shopping day, all went fairly well, until I get to certain stores that were apart of Joel's illness and memories of shopping for him and then the forever reminder that he is not here as I purchase one pair of shorts, one shirt and one pair of sandals for Josiah. Josiah will be just "doubly" cute in his new clothes for church! Home now, unload, get some stuff back in some order, fix supper and talk to my friend Kim as we have made an order of Arbonne products. I ordered the anti/age stuff. Don't laugh, there are people alot younger than me that use it. I like the way it makes your face feel, all clean and fresh. Surely that will lift our hearts and make us "beautiful" for our husbands :) Kim is doing well, she even called me and encouraged me with some scripture. Thank you for praying for her!
I read a scripture this morning in Ps. 139:17, How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them. As I thought about this verse I was blessed that the Lord "thinks" about me. He has personal thoughts towards me and my situation. He has thoughts that are precious towards me with my heart and Joel, he has thoughts about me in my present situation as the preg. test was negative but my body is not working normally, he has thoughts towards me as to the burdens I have and the prayers I am praying. I was comforted with the fact that he is thinking about me even if I can not "feel" his presence. I think I need to have "thoughts" about him more instead of the surrounding circumstances. The scripture also says his eye is upon us, so if he has thoughts towards me and his eye is on me, that means he is always near. Such simplicity, yet sometimes hard to grasp it! Thank you Lord, for thinking about me today and all my heart feels!

Getting ready for "Paps" tomorrow! We'll just play around when he gets here and the children will tour him over the farm. Friday morning... chores, packing equipment, we'll eat lunch and the ones going will head out around 2:00 or so to the goat show. Paps will let them take his truck and the rest of us will drive over to Okmulgee Sat. morning. It will be an all day event. I am making preparations to take lunch and supper. It will be nice to be together with grandparents!! My dad is 75, but he still has alot of energy and he puts it in high gear for his grandchildren.

The Lord has blessed our garden this year, we are enjoying it so much. Terry has a "green thumb." He ended up planting about 100 tomatoe plants. I hope they produce, we will can and make spagetti sauce, tomatoes, and make salsa, Lord willing. Josiah bought a shovel with his very own money, a proud farmer!!

I love you Joel, I look with hope of taking up where we left off....remember.... I was holding you!!



Danielle said...

Sorry Mrs. Morris, I must say I did laugh a little when I read about the anti/age stuff! :D You do not need that! :D Oh, your too funny! :)

I am so glad to hear that Mrs. Chatham is doing well, I've been thinking and praying for her often.

Thank you for the reminder that God "thinks" about each of us. It is hard to grasp but like you said, I think I need to spend more time thinking on HIM! Its easy to get caught up in what's happening in our own lives and everything that's wrong, that we don't take time to think on Him.

Hope you have a wonderful visit with your Dad! Hope the goat show goes great also!!!

Love, Danielle

Leslie Shepherd said...

Man, do I ever miss doing a garden! All those fresh vegies. :( I do not think that my little plants in pots on the porch really count as a "garden"! I think you guys have made yours much bigger since I last saw it!

Sileena said...

I found you through the Lockwoods and what a blessing to read your thoughts today. Thanks for the reminder. I'll be back.