Thursday, April 3, 2008

Joshua is 10 !!

Joshua, our "big brave" is 10!!! Yestersday April 2nd, and he is the first one to come ON their due date!! He had a a fun day starting with Anna's delicious breakfast of Cream Cheese Danish which was his request. He opened a small gift which was a 300 piece Noah's Ark puzzle. It was somewhat of a long day for Josh as waited for his brothers and dad to get home in the evening to have his party, but he made it! It was exciting for the children to get their "fringed indian shirts on, paint their faces and get their headbands on, Josiah really liked all of that!!His birthday meal was "our cow" Steak Fahita's, and Fiesta Dip with chips. Our family does not really like birthday cake so Joshua picked a brownie pie with ice-cream and hot fudge sauce, Anna did a great job in pleasing our birthday brave! The children had Joshua must have been talking to some former "cowboys" because he got a BB Pistol, a holster and a sharp knife. I told him to be careful with all his weapons!! Joshua is a blessing to our family as he serves others, he empties the dishwasher everday, helps Bethany with a few goat chores, helps clean the livingroom, has outside chores each day, and he loves to help Bethany with her dog, Duffy. He is very creative in drawing 3-D pictures, especially houses, and he can work puzzles quickly. I think he might be the architect while his brothers and dad build it!!! Sounds like a good plan. When Joel was with us here, Josh enjoyed playing with him, especially outside on the trampoline, pretending cowboys and indians and making mud stuff! We hada great day and NOW we have a birthday break until June!

We have been having adventures with our guest, Danielle. THEY are staying up late, we have had some ping-pong games, they have taken Danielle on a journey in the pasture and tested her abilities of climbing over treacherous piles of brush, and tonight we are visiting another family that she knows and we know too at their house. So we are probably in for a long night!

I think we are due for some more storms:( Hope you have a "Thankful Thursday." And YES the house is all clean and it went so smooth and we got it done alot faster than last Wed., so I told Anna I need to put more on the list!!!

I love you Joel and miss you!!!



Faithful Froggers said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my son's Caringbridge site. I was so sorry to hear that you have also lost a son to cancer. Please know that I will be praying for you and your family. It is so hard to heal a heart that has been broken - but God's grace shines down on us everyday!

I spent some time reading your blog - how blessed you are with 13 children. Your family is just beautiful!
Love & FROG . . .

Emma R. said...

Birthday Blessing to you Joshua! May God be with you all year long in everything you do. You sound like such a wonderful young man, and such a blessing to your family.