Saturday, April 26, 2008

10th Street Exit....

Since the word "hate"is not in our vocabulary (except for sin) I will choose another word....I Do Not Like 10th street exit.....when you exit and go to the left, it goes to the hospital where Joel was and if you turn to the right it goes to another hospital. Painful memories that I will only forget when I "exit " this life. I went there to see a dear friend who is 15 weeks pregnant and is in labor with their baby, as they found out today after signs of miscarriage that there is no heartbeat. She had a miscarriage in Nov. too. They are in our home church family and they do have 5 blessings on this earth and this will be the 10th treasure they are laying at the feet of Jesus. Some of their babies have gone to be with the Lord in the first trimester and then they have had some that have been 15 weeks, 20 weeks and one of their sons was born at 29 weeks and lived a short time. Please pray for Kim as she waits for her body to work. I just went to be with her, when I got there we just kind of looked at each other, I did not have any profound words, she actually reiterated the truth more to me than I did to her. We just have to think on things that are true, like his infinite wisdom, his ways are higher than ours. She said something like don't you just try to figure things out? I said if I go there it leads me down a path that makes me more discouraged, and later I thought it takes me away from the truth because I lean on my own understanding and in all my reasonings it does not bring a peace or a satisfaction. I really was at a loss for words, sad to say, and I told her that. You just have to say in your heart thy will be done. Trials.....we are going to have them. I read a verse this morning Ps. 86:8 .....neither are there any works like unto thy works. I do not understand his works, but his works are right. I can not say I have embraced that, I am meditating on it because the scripture says faith comes by hearing and I am trying to speak that into my heart and trusting I will have the faith to believe it.They are a dear family and are committed to the blessing of children. What faith they demonstrate to their own children.

Bethany, Andrew and Terry went to a Goat Workshop today just a short distance away, I think Bethany could do her own workshop, she even probably knows more than what she heard! They had a nice time and even got a bite of goat ice-cream. We LOVE that too, tastes way better than cow milk ice-cream!!! We will be putting that away on those hot days!

Thank you for the thoughtful e-mails and comments, for bearing one anothers burdens, I am going forward, just one step at a time, sometimes I just feel like I sit down and have those "high" emotional moments, then I pick myself back up and slowly trod on. I think I will always having a grieving pack on my back but it is grieving with hope.

May the Lord give us all a day of needed refreshment in his word tomorrow.....I need it!!!


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Emma R. said...

I will pray for your friend Kim. I know what you mean about that stupid exit. We spent so much time there with Emma off and on after she went though CPR and then getting on her vent that I don't like it either, but I do feel lucky we had a good outcome. Still its a rough thing, so don't feel bad for "hating" it. The whole hospital is something I would love to leave in the past, and am so excited that they are moving all her drs into a new building soon so I don't have to go to the old one anymore.

Blessings to you and your family on this beautiful sunday (although its a bit cold!)