Monday, April 21, 2008

Back Home....

We are all back home, we thank the Lord for safety and for getting the truck back here! Terry said it was limping. We still say no to the King of Syria and are seeking the King of Kings in the truck situation. The goat show went well. Bethany placed 5th in one of her classes with a 6 week old buck. There is potential with the little guy. She posted about it on hers, so you can read all her adventures if you like.

I love two year olds! Mercy is such a joy! Her two year old voice and her growing vocabulary. She tries to say words and sometimes they come out in some of the word form, like yesterday we were up at the swing and I was swinging her and she says "member goat show, member Maggie, member Balley?" My heart leaped as she said that. I talk to her about Joel at different times like when I change her, I say "where's Joel?" and she looks at a picture in our room and says "Joel Morris." I will keep telling her about her big brother and one day she will know him through stories and pictures. I love her two year old little body as she manuvers around, her expressions, her laugh, her voice that calls "Siah" and sounds like Joel saying it. Her two year life is bringing smiles to my heart as I think and reminisce about Joel and his full, healthy two year age of life. In the midst of the greatest heartache of my (our) life there are moments of sunshine and I am grateful the Lord gives these. I read a verse this morning that gives me the energy to keep pressing on, Matt. 13:7, Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter. I think about heaven now more than ever before. I have a treasure there, so that is where apart of my heart is. I look so forward seeing the story in its fullness, now it is through a glass, and it seems so blurry and causes my faith to falter, so looking forward to the "hereafter" one day!

Today we are just trying to get the "billowing laundry" done, fixing burgers for supper and we did a little school. It is in the 80's temp wise and I love this weather. Terry said we need to try to go as long as possible with no a/c, like maybe July.( ****Did I ever say how much I love Terry, well, I love him all the way to the moon and back and never, never stop!! He is the most wonderful husband, he's a great father and he loves the Lord.***) I am tired of being cold, so I think I can gear up for that. I've got to run to town and get out tomatoe and pepper plants. Terry said he wanted about 50 tomatoe plants, I hope they all do good. We had some years they produced well and other times they were a flop. The lettuce and spinach is growing abundantly. If you see ears sticking up out of our heads in pictures, you'll know why!!!! Farm life is sooo wonderful. May the Lord fulfill your hearts desire if you are wanting country life, it is a blessing!!

May the Lord bless you with a good start of the week.......O, by the way Josiah thinks "metal roof" sundae ice-cream is the greatest. (Tin Roof)

I love you Joel!! I hope I get to just sit and hold you as the whole story is told one day!!!!


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Jessica said...

It is refreshing to hear someone say "I love two year olds!" That is very contrary to what our culture says about two year olds. We're usually told that we should expect much difficulty with tantrums and in the common phrase "terrible twos." Our children were such a joy at that age... they still are :)