Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The 23rd.....

15 Months Ago....

15 months ago...
Seems like eternity, you know

15 months ago, I saw you take your last breath
I have to trust God knows best

That day, I held you close to my heart
Just like I did at birth, from the start

Your little body endured so much
So many lives your story has touched

I keep trying to see the sunshine in the rain
But my life, my heart will never be the same

As I look at "Siah" your twin
I see you by his side, memories from the begin

I like to ponder adventures you would make
Sometimes a silent smile, cause' I know Siah you would take

Words can not express how much I miss you
Bottles of tears are not a few

I will always have you in my heart
Until this world I also part

Then, in my arms you will be
With the Lord too, for all eternity

I miss you Joel!!

The 23rd, seems to always bring a sense of numbness to my heart, as I reflect the day and all of what we were doing. You , Joel were surrounded with your family, we were right by you as you took your flight. I am remembering today as everyday....

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. the 23rd is a difficult day for you, probably each month. the Lord speaks to us so well in the 23rd Psalm. hope this helps you a little. bless you, Ellen