Thursday, February 7, 2008

Where's The Beef ??

In our freezer..... all 474 pounds of it!!!!! We tried out the T-bones first.....Mmmmmmm!!!!! It is such a blessing to have this meat right out in the freezer and chicken too. The four families that purchased the other steer are making arrangements to pick up their quarters up at the processor, so the Lord has sent provision to hopefully invest in a few more steers in the spring\summer. Those big hungry boys liked sinking there teeth in those steaks. I think the last T-bones we had were many years ago from another steer, it's been a looong time! A funny thing happened the other day after we got the meat home...... the little ones tend to play out real life. Hosanna had Josiah on the floor, he was the "dead steer," and she had all of her tools of extraction to cut off the meat from Josiah. She had to clean him with a duplo block, cut his head off with a ruler and wear a plastic bag to keep the blood off. I remember when Joel was at the hospital the first time and I came home for a quick visit and she and Josiah has a baby on his bed with wires and tubes going every direction, they told me it had cancer........they act out life, how that makes it ever more needful for us to live it, live for the Lord, walk in the spirit training these little ones and big ones too for his kingdom. We have a mission field in our home and in the uttermost as well. O Lord, let us be examples to these tender hearts!

Today..... another grocery day, I did better today. I only cried a "little bit." I think I was sidetracked in thoughts today, as I had alot to pray about. How many times do you get in your vehicle and it is on empty? With me, seems like always, but this morning I did not even look. I drive to Edmond to go shopping, so the trip there is about 35-40 minutes. I was driving along and the van starts sputtering. We have had some problems with it, so I first thought "oh, no the end has come." I did think to look at the gas gauge and sure enough it was PAST empty! It sputtered on and I quickly pulled into Home Depot parking lot. I was sooo blessed because I was rescued by 3 of the most handsome men........ my dear husband and my oldest sons, Caleb and Daniel. Terry brought some gas and got me going again!!!!! Thank the Lord for cell phones. I think all went well on the home front while I was gone by the pics above.

Keep Remy in your prayers, as the surgery was rescheduled for next week, the waiting can be tough!

Thanks to all you folks for the reviews for the DVD. Now....... for ALL the family and extended family, aunts, uncles, cousins, ect..... come on, do not be shy, it is very easy to do. You do not have to say alot and you can look at the other ones if you can't get the words straight! I am picking on you I know but, YOU CAN DO IT!!!! :) The link is on the side now. Thanks soooo much!!!!!

Well..... the guys are in Wynoka tonight and tomorrow helping a friend with a remodel job. I don't know what we are going to do...... clean the kitchen first, and later I might work on Creative Memories after sweet little Mercy lays down. Have a good evening!


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Emma R. said...

Wow that is a lot of beef! But with all those growing boys I bet it will be gone soon, not to mention the growing girls!

I love the pics you put up, it always warms my heart to see your family.

Remy will be in my prayers, and as always your family is too.

God Bless,