Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day...

I am blessed to be loved by a wonderful husband that truly loves me like Christ loves the church...unconditional. I received a very nice note from him this morning....

Dear Cindy,

Happy Valentines Day to my beloved wife and sweetheart. I love you very
much, and I am thankful to have you by my side and you have been faithful
to me. You have been willing to follow the Lord, and to receive all the children
that he is willing to give, and I am blessed because of that. May the Lord cause
you to be the mother of thousands in Israel. You have also had to suffer the
loss of our precious blesssing, little Joel. This has been a tremendous grief
and challenge, for God's ways are not always our ways. And yet, you have
perserved through this great trial of intense fire, and you have kept your
face to the Lord Jesus in the midst of the pain. You are truly a wonderful
wife and sweetheart. I love you and I pray that this year will be a year of
blessing and healing and growth in the Lord for both of us!

Your Husband

Terry has always been thoughtful with special words and I am grateful for his strength of faith, because I have had to hold on to his believing when I did not think I could go on. I share the note not to draw attention to myself, but to just honor Terry for the wonderful husband and father he is . I am blessed!!! Valentine's Day...... we try to think of the "LOVE" that God has for each of us, that He loved us before we could love him and to seek to love each other with a forgiving and unconditional love. With 14 people sometimes we fail and do not always love the right way. But, we continue on seeking to love the way Christ loved us. I am so grateful for the love of Christ in my own life as he sought me when I was stranger to him, and he called me unto himself and saved me from sin, hell and death. His personhood is so amazing, his character so loving, his attributes so holy. Thank you Lord for your LOVE.......

I did something very scary this morning....... cleaned out the boys under the beds, taking off the covers and mattresses and cleaning out the closets. With 8 boys in one room, something was not smelling right. I did not discover anthing that was alive or dead for that matter. They are in the master bedroom and it works fine for the three bunk beds and a twin bed plus Josiah's baby bed mattress on the floor. Got it all clean, opened the windows and fresh is flowing in!!! Andrew did help some, so thanks Andrew!

Eliah has rented a tractor today for some projects around the farm and is having some sand delivered for these projects. He is going to use some of it around the new goat shed to level it out and then he is going to work on the garden. Work, work, work...... seems when you live out, there is always something to fix, tear up, or build.

Pray for Remy, the surgery is Friday, at 12:30. Keep you posted.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day..... Anna is making a special cheesecake for tonight!!!!



Jessica said...

Cindy, I love these words which you wrote: "I am grateful for his strength of faith, because I have had to hold on to his believing when I did not think I could go on."

What a lovely expression of God's provision and His wonderful plan for marriage.

Emma R. said...

That letter is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard. What a wonderful husband you have! I am glad to hear you had a good Valentines day. Sounds like you had quite a project with a boys room to clean out. I am needing to do that myself in Ella and Derek's room and I so dread it.

I agree with Jessica's comments. Your choice of words was beautiful. You really have a way with words