Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mercy Doing Good

Thank the Lord that Mercy is doing really well, pretty much back to normal play with her wrist. Thank you for praying for this little precious! Last night at the table Elijah ask her,"did you have a miracle?" She said, "yeah!" But you just had to hear her voice, so cute!
Today, the 23rd, 13 months since Joel went to his heavenly home. Seems like so long ago that I held him, had him, loved on him.....I miss you! What a joy to have you for 3 years 4 months and 10 days. You are forever my little boy. In heaven I will love on you and hold you forever!!

Grocery day went fairly well, unusual happenings keep occuring to me on these shopping days,(remember I ran out of gas) when up to a month or so ago nothing happened. It was the jar of pickles.... in Sam's that I proceeded to take off the shelf but did not make it to my buggy but was dropped on my toes.....OUCH!!!!! Major pain.... wondering if I would be able to continue my shopping expedition. After standing there and praying the Lord's mercy on my foot, I decided not to get the pickles and pushed the cart trying to aid my foot of the pain. All continued to go well until I made my last stop at a thrift store near where we live. As I returned to the van I searched for my keys, but not to be found, so I go around the other side and peek in and they are hanging where they should be in order to start the vehicle. Called Terry, he's not in town but said Elijah was and he would call him for me. I went to ask for a hanger which at least I was at a good place to recieve one. Went over to the side window that opens out and jammed the hanger in with the crook I had made in it, wiggled it and I could not believe it caught hold of the lock! I pulled up and it really opened! I do not think I have ever done that before. I was able to call Terry back and tell him of my success! Later Anna wondered why I was taking so long to get home as I talked to her previously and said I would be there soon. I guess I will have to make sure and tell the Lord thank you for letting get back home!!

The guys are helping a family that lives a few hours away with some outside projects so we have been busy with preparations for church meeting in our home tomorrow. We meet with several other families and enjoy the teaching and fellowship. Anna has been in the kitchen most of the day. She made the lunch for tomorrow, BBQ meatballs and Duo Tater Bake plus the dessert. After that she made breakfast for in the morning and made some dessert for the younger ones tonight. Josiah was helping "lick." You are probably wondering what I do..... well I did manage to make a new dish for supper, Spiral Pepperoni Pizza Bake, cleaned one bathroom, started vacuming but did not finish, dusted,and some other cleaning. Andrew and Joshua helped outside to make it ready for church. Bethany is knee deep in goat maintance and care. We have had 4 more babies, plus she is having to feed some of these puppies goat milk with a bottle. Were getting it done and our big helpers are gone! In all labor there is profit!!

Not much else..... have a wonderful Lord's Day!


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Cheryl said...

Hey, Anna,
I noticed y'all made the Duo Tater did y'all like it??? :)