Thursday, February 21, 2008

What A Day !

Last night our sweet little Mercy was playing with Andrew and in the interaction Andrew accidently pulled on her wrist and she cried and screamed so hard. She was in alot of pain, only wanting to be held and any movement of her wrist\elbow was very uncomfortable for her. She slept with us and tossed and cried throughout the night. This morning was not alot different so we decided to take her to our family physician. Our thoughts were she has dislocated her elbow or done something to her wrist. I made the appt. and was asking for the primary Dr. that we have at the Dr. office, but he was unavailable, so they gave me the appt. with the Dr. that we saw Joel with. There has been one other time since Joel has left us that I have had to go back, in Nov. 07 with Micah and an ear infection and also was only able to get with that same Dr. we had with Joel. Now that part is causing me to try to figure out why the Lord keeps putting me with this Dr. I do not think he even remembers us, we only saw him about three times before going to the specialist, any way getting back to Mercy he thought we should hav it x-rayed so we had to go over to another place because their machine was not working, and spent at least an hour there, then back to the Dr. to read and get the attention that was needed. It ended up only being a sprain, which we are soooo thankful. She is somewhat uncomfortable with pain, but there was not a whole lot to do. She holds it up and is only working with one arm. She has tried to play some but gets frustrated as it hurts when she manuvers around. Her best place is being held and no movement to her arm. It will just take time, and patience on our part to care for her. Now getting back to the emotional part of all this and being in the same room with the same Dr. brought heaves of sighs as we waited and waited. The x-ray procedures were like flashbacks, here is your child having to have this done and you are helpless at her side. Trying to comfort her as she cried so very hard was draining as I could only think of Joel. So many memories and just wondering why I had to face this Dr. again. He is very nice and I do not have a problem with him at all, it is just the flashbacks and it hurt. Maybe it was to help me see that I am still in constant need of the Lord and to not even think for a minute that I am strong. Maybe I have underlying fears of another child being sick and I am not in control.... I do not know, I must rest in the the providences that were layed before me and know that even in facing this today with Mercy, that every life and child is in the palm of his hand.

All the above was not even the start of the day, this morning I was on the phone with a dear mother\wife that our family has known for 6 years or so, mostly just listening to a marrriage that is in trouble after I am guessing of 28-30 years and with only a few less chldren than us. I am so burdened and weighted down. All this has made me dissfunctional today. Satan is roaring to kill, steal, and destroy not the world, but the church and the picture of his church, marriages!! Oh, how we need to commit fresh and new to our spouses and children to death do us part and pray God's mercy upon our families. O Lord protect our families from this destructive enemy!!

I feel so scattered in my mind, I still have to get my grocery list for tomorrow, shopping day, again. At least I do not have to buy meat!!!

More goats born today, two nubian does!Thats 8 babies so far! Also we have 12 puppies Lab mix that were born Wed. I am not to glad about that. It was an accident as we were going to get her fixed. At least the dad is ours and that will be a positive as we sell them and can say the mix is child friendly. So I will go ahead an advertise....Puppies For Sale, in about 8 weeks. They do look like Labsat least! We have had a whole lot of litters from aLab that we had for about 10 years and we were able to always get them sold, so hopefully this round will go fast too. This is another Lab that we have, our family Lab went off to die somewhere we guess. This Lab is Bethany's dog, she is beautiful, creme color, but had all these black puppies:( I guess we are a fertile farm aren't we? Now we just need humans to get pregnant, like me:) We are praying!!!!!

Have a restful evening, I know I need it!


P.S. Bethany jus came in and more goats in labor...... a long night for her! Pray for Mercy if the Lord brings her to your heart for quick healing! Pictures above were a few days ago before she hurt her little arm.


Emma R. said...

All your children are so beautiful, but I am a little sweet on seeing pics of Mercy she is such a wonderul little girl. I am sorry she got hurt, poor girl, I am glad it was just a sprain.

Hugs to you, I know its hard to deal with situations and have your mind wondering to Joel. Put your turst in the Lord and I know he will continue to heal your heart.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight"
Proverbs 3:5-6


Lockwoods said...

I'll be praying for each of the things you mentioned...little Mercy's arm; continued strength, comfort and peace for you; that the Lord would bless your womb once again; and for Bethany with her work with the goats.
Our Susannah (age 2) had a similar thing happen with her elbow this winter. She and Beka were playing and Beka pulled on her arm to lift her on the bed and she screamed and wouldn't move her arm as it caused lots of pain.
We took her to the dr. in the morning and they said she had nursemaids elbow...basically a dislocation of the elbow...very common in children of that age.
They just held her arm bent at the elbow and twisted her wrist and it popped right back. She instantly had relief and began to use her arm within a few moments.
I'll pray Mercy recovers quickly.