Sunday, February 17, 2008

News From Afar !!!!

As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country......The Lord encouraged my heart with letting me know through a scripture I read this morning how Joel is doing. It was Ps.17:15.....I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness. One of my greatest emotional needs is to know how Joel is doing, that mommy instinct in me still is interested in my little boy, yet on the other hand one of the hardest facts my heart has to embrace is that he dosen't need me anymore. The scripture I read blessed me so in that Joel is satisfied where he is. I was so grateful to the Lord for showing pity to me and allowing me to know how he is doing. As I think of the last moments before Joel had the seizure and if he were to have a last memory, this verse helps me to think about what he might have experienced after having the time span of being in the coma, from mommy holding him then to awake in the Lord's presence. It is so wonderful that the Word is alive and powerful. Just to think of all the different circumstances that this verse has been applied to over time and to all the different people and now in my situation it is still speaking and to my particular need. God's word is so wonderful! So the Lord sent me a little note via the Word!!!!! Thank you Lord for being so personal to hear my heart cries of how I still miss my little Joel and you granted a comfort that all is well.

Bethany is in the middle of birthing Boer goat babies, a buck and a doe were born just 45 minutes ago. She had them on her due date, can't get any easier than that. She has seven more due this week, five on Thursday. She had to help the first one out, one leg was back and one forward. Terry prayed and Bethany said she was shaking with nervousness and it all went well. I was feeling for the poor girl as she moaned and pushed, brings back memories of "that hurts." Mercy saw the babies and said, "making." Guess she thought they were being made right then and there!

I read another verse the other day that brought comfort and testifies to God's control. Psalm 16:5 .......thou maintainest my lot. When I thought about Job's life and how the Lord gave permission for the enemy to move upon his life with trials, sorrows, and physical needs, that verse tell me that nothing can come in or go out of our lives that God does not allow. He maintains our lot, he is the one ordering the events and times of all that we might have to go through. The "lots" that might be ordered unto us are for our good and for his glory. This is where I find the most comfort as I meditate on God's sovereignity. May the Lord give us all grace to rest in his maintaing our "lots."

Jeremiah's 8th birthday is tomorrow (18th) He is very excited about his "Camoflouge Party." He is wanting it to hurry and get dark so he can get to bed and then wake up to donuts and presents. Guess what we are having for his meal in the evening...H**bu*g*rs!!!!!! Jeremiah is a blessing as I said before, he keeps our hearts merry!

Have a good week!

Just for fun.......******Parenting Tip and Advice**********

Father says to son Elijah, "Elijah, DO NOT wrap Micah (13) up and lock him up in places!!!!!!

*******Admonishing Words to A Child**********

Mom says to son Joshua as we are leaving for church, "Joshua you hair is a disaster!"

It is always a blessing to see a demonstration of truth imparted to children, but I was a little disappointed to who it was given.....Duffy (the dog) is in a scramble with Mercy and Bethany admonishes Duffy to "be kind." He does attend my Bible reading briefly in the mornings, but I think he is not up for regeneration!

Life is fun and children are blessings!!!!! Enjoy yours! Josiah plopped his self on the couch with his coffee and a book on God's Providence.....



Emma R. said...

I have grown up around farms my whole life but never seen newborn goats, that picture is just adorable. Sounds like Bethany is going to have her hands really full this week. I pray that all the deliveries come easy and that Bethany won't have to do too much helping out. I think I would have been shaking too!

God bless your family


Annie said...

I just found your blog through Ashley's. I am sorry about your little Joel, he was a beautiful boy. My sons name is Joel also and you wouldn't believe it, but the name of his blog is also Joel's Journey.

Annie ~

Grana said...

I'm sure you don't remember me but I was a friend of Brenda Wolfley, Kay Hill and Debbie Wells. We went to WHC for a while, I actually did some cooking for the Women's Ministry. I keep up with your blog and as God prompts me, I pray for you. As I was reading today I loved the picture of Josiah drinking his coffee! It reminds me of my little grandson that is the same age. My heart breaks with you as you tell of Joel. I love to hear you tell of him but I also cry with you thinking how hard it must be for you to be without him. Your poems are so sweet! One of our favorite parts of WHC was hearing your children play their music. They are so talented! You are truly blessed! I wish there was something I could say to help you through the tough times, but I don't know what you are going through. I do know that God is there and knows and cares about everything we go through. Nothing happens to us that has not sifted through his hands first, and that he allows it for a reason. We can't imagine a reason for allowing this, but we don't have to. I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog and look forward to reading it, and today my heart was broken with yours and felt your heartache. Tell Bethany to hang in there! I love the baby goats! Sorry I wrote a book! Have a blessed day!