Saturday, February 9, 2008

Super Saturdays

Saturdays have always been fun for our family, and they still are, but they are sad for me as it is a day to be together, so that makes me miss Joel. I guess certain things will always be reminders that someone is missing. Nevertheless I desire to move on, because that is where my hope is....before me!

This place is hopping with activity today, Terry and some of his helpers are planting some early things, like lettuce, spinach and radishes. He has learned alot over the last 13 years of gardening, improving the soil has been the greatest challenge, since we are surrounded with the red clay. Even in gardening faith has to be cast forth, as we plant and it is the Lord to give the increase. Gardening gives us alot of truth in itself. We look to what is not seen immediently, to what the Lord will bring forth. I especially like the picture that a garden demonstrates in the "life" aspect, soon the seed will resurrect and bring forth fruit. My heart is encouraged as I look all around and see "life" bursting forth, it helps me to know how Joel is doing....he is alive and well with the Lord! Josiah was the first one to see the little heads of flowers coming up from our flower beds of all the bulbs we planted in the late fall. He was very excited! As for the other work going on, Micah has his work cut out for him as he is trying to clean out goat stalls full of, you know what! Caleb and Daniel are finishing up the new shed, Elijah and Andrew are working on pens and gates and getting some more hay out. Bethany is supervising all these jobs as they entail the goats, which she is the manager of. Anna is making our breakfast for Sunday morning, yummmmy! Saturdays are peaceful and fun for our family!

The Lord's ways are much higher than ours aren't they?
*to be exalted we must be brought low
*to die is to live
* suffering, then we will reign with him
*travel the wilderness to enter the promise land
*more blessed to give than to receive
* enduring temptations and we will recieve a crown of life
*humbling circumstances makes us meet to be partakers of the inheritance
*by being brought low we can be made vessels of honor
*through fires we are made pure

Throughout the scriptures we see these examples. I want to learn to glory in the cross, it brought railings, sufferings, mockings, scouragings, despisings, and death. We are not above our master, why do I oft wonder and question the Lord with the "why me?" It was done unto him. And that is how I can keep going on, because of the Cross and the Victory and the hope that is in the Lord Jesus Christ that there is life after this life, real life! A prayer of mine would be if there is anyone reading this that has not trusted in the Lord to save them from sin, they would fall before the Lord and cry out " have mercy on me, O God, save me, I confess I have sinned against you and I need your forgiveness," and then believing on the Lord that he will save all those that call upon him. This journey has been about a very special person, that is Joel, but the one that is due honor and glory is the Lord God Almighty! It is really His name that is to be remembered throughout generations to come! You all have been so encouraging as we go on, and it is with a big heart of thanks to you, family, friends and so many we have not met. Many blessings to you and may the Lord crown your year with fattness!!

Tonight.......Hamburgers made with our home grown meat, and Bethany's homemade buns!!!! yipeeeee!!!! Come on over.... or we'll eat one for ya!! Just follow your nose.......

Have a great Saturday yourself!!



Danielle said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Wish I was there! ;)

Danielle said...

So, THAT's what the shed looks like! :) VERY NICE!

Mrs. C said...

Hi Cindy! I hope you don't mind my leaving a comment. I found you through Zimms Zoo.

My Josiah was born Dec. 5, 2006, one day before your diagnosis. He is my fifth little boy.

I'm so sorry for your loss. It heartens me, though, to see that Biblical perspective come through. I pray that God forbid I lose a child that I will be able to stand in the faith.

Many blessings onto you. Your family is beautiful!

Zimms Zoo said...

I haven't looked at your blog in awhile and was excited to find your gardening post. We just tilled up our flower beds and some other spots to convert them to veggie plots. We are eagerly looking forward to planting. I had been holding off putting anything in the ground yet, but after looking at your post I will be putting out lettuce and other cool weather veggies out.
Thanks for sharing your heart. It always encourages me.
I just realized a couple of days ago that I still have some of your goat milk jars. Let me know how to get these to you.
Christy Zimms