Monday, February 11, 2008

Waiting on God.....

Waiting on the Lord is a momentous exercise......I am waiting on the Lord for many things, waiting to see if the Lord might make us fruitful again,waiting on the Lord for provision for specific needs, waiting to see Joel again, waiting to see plans that the Lord has for each child and their future, waiting for answers to prayer, waiting for direction, waiting for even mundane things in our in a line, to recieve an order or a call, ect. And like with Joel, we waited for results for tests and a diagnoses. Often I find it hard to wait, to not go ahead and take matters into my own hands to get the results that I want. I think I have discovered a crack that I fall into so much and I really see it now and I am purposing not to go there because it is a place that Satan pulls me down. This is how it might play out in my mind, as I wait on the Lord, I come up with my own idea of how that answer to prayer could work out, but then it dosen't get answered like I had planned in my mind, so I fall into this crack I mentioned, of being disappointed, and sad with the Lord that it did not go like I had in my mind. Maybe another good example is in our home..... when a child makes a request to another party and they do not recieve it like they desired and they whine or cry. Maybe they did not recieve it because they were not able to be responsible yet, or by the discernment of the giver, it was not for the best at the time. So I guess I put myself in the place of this child picture and that makes me see myself before a God that knows what is best and when. I was so happy to read these scriptures that encouraged my heart. Ps.10:17 Lord, thou hast heard the desire of the humble, thou wilt prepare their heart, thou wilt cause thine ear to hear and Ps. 130:6 My soul waiteth for the lord more than they that watch for the morning: I say more that they that watch for the morning. Ps 130:5 I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope. With these verses I feel like the Lord showed me "how to wait," "what to do while I wait," and "what to expect while I wait," (to keep me from my own preconceived ideas) How to wait would be Ps 130:6, longingly, yearning. What to do.... Ps.130:6, be in his word. And then Ps.10:17, says I should expect the Lord to prepare my heart. Sounds easy enough, but I find it hard too, but I am purposing to do this with the Lords help. Waiting on the Lord..... I am determined that I am not going to let circumstances control me, but let the Truth guide me. I feel like an infant and someone is trying to buckle me in a carseat, or toddler learning to walk. Oh well..... at least I am getting fed and I am not a starving infant, God is faithful to allow me to hear him through his word and I am grateful. May the Lord give us all grace to wait and allow him to order our steps and fulfill his plans in our life, they really are better than ours, aren't they?

Funny conversation...... I am in the bathroom brushing my teeth and stuff, Hosanna enters and it goes like this......
Hosanna- "what is that?"
Me- "eye creme"
Hosanna-" what is it for?"
Me- "saggy eyes"
Hosanna- "sad eyes????"
Me- "no, saggy eyes"
Josiah enters and with very puzzled looks they continue to look at my procedures, after their observations with a look of "you adults do strange things," they departed! Sad eyes or saggy eyes, it must be all the tears I have shed...... or age? oh well!!!

Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! It is cold today. The guys are here working on some projects and Wednesday they will be starting footings and then do the framing for a house back about 5 miles from us. The Lord is faithful to open work opportunities! Yea, for the Lord!!!! The pictures above are some of the projects they have and are working on, the metal shop and then the house they are building out of Build Block(insulated concrete forms) like big legos and you fill them with concrete. Good work guys!!!!!

Looks like Remy's surgery is scheduled for Friday, 15th at 12:30 pm. Keep them in your prayers!!! Will post as soon as we hear results.

Stay warm...... our wood stove is going!!!



Danielle said...

Reading this post makes me think so much of my Mom. Right before she was sick she went through a whole time when she was learning to "Wait on the Lord" She printed out SO many verses and taped them up around the house to constantly remind her to wait on Him. And then, once she got sick, her favorite song became "Teach me Lord to Wait" based on Isaiah 40:31

--the picture of that house being built looks HUGE!!!

Beckaboo said...

I love the saggy eye story!

Praying for you as you wait on the Lord. Praying for Remy's surgery.

Thinking of your family often.
Blessings, Beckie

Lockwoods said...

I was praying for you especially this morning. Waiting on the Lord...that is something that He has been working with me on for some time...on one hand it is so difficult, yet on the other, when I just rest in Him, it is so sweet. The testing of our faith worketh patience!
The Lord always uses your posts to bless and encourage me.
Daniel and the boys loved looking at the construction pictures too. My boys had so much fun during the construction of our home...they're all time favorite toys are their shovels and Tonka trucks and they just love to build especially with Daddy.
Have a sweet rest of the week in Jesus.

Mrs. C said...

Aw, hope your saggy eyes feel better LOL! I notice through your story that there is *no* indignation about people just waltzing right in while you're trying to get yourself ready LOL! Guess that's normal life in your house; you're so blessed.