Saturday, February 2, 2008

Title Lost !!!!!


I just had to report this......Terry has lost his title in ping-pong, he was defeated! The victor is Caleb! We had a double elimination tournament, Terry won the tournament but he did lose one of the games in the finals!!! There was sooo much screaming, it made your head hurt! Terry is very good at ping-pong and he plays heartily, in previous games he won many of them only by the skin of his teeth!!! The children are getting in some extra practice that he is not:)

The game of the night goes to Andrew!!!! He was playing Elijah, who was at game point and Andrew was 11....Andrew came back and beat him!!!!!! Way to play ANDREW!!! The score was 24\25 or 25\26, it was so loud and confusing we lost track !!!!!!

This was a Fun Friday Family Night!!! Thank the Lord for good fellowship one with another!

Saturday stuff....the guys have been building a new goat pen and shelter for all the new babies expected in about 2 weeks....a goat nursery!!


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Emma R. said...

Sounds like a wonderful friday night. Your family sounds so fun. I hope all goes well with the new goats that should be there soon. Thanks for sharing the pics, I love seeing pictures of your beautiful family.