Wednesday, June 1, 2011

what does the donkey say?????


Bethany has a



she is still working on a name for
so make some suggestions!!!!

Bethany loves animals as if you could not tell!!! She is fulfilling all her childhood wishes!! She said she always wanted a Corgi dog, well remember Mercy got one for her birthday and now she said she has wanted a donkey for a loooonnnngggg time!!! I did not know I had deprived her of so much!! haha!! She is a true farm gal! We are hoping the donkey will be useful, like in guarding the goats, thats the goal! I love to hear the little donkey make its hee-haw sound, makes me think I am up in the mountains with my pack mule!! It also reminds me of Joel. He loved animals too. Before his diagnoses he would lay back on his bed and all the little children would come back there and there was this certain book I read to them that had different animals in it. I would ask them what the animals said and they would all take turns making that noise. One was a donkey!! It was a sweet a memory of being together and it demonstrated to me that his siblings had not rather been any other place than by his side. That is love!! I will say for sure it has been a huge blessing for all the children to experience all the different animals we have had on our farm in these almost 19 years of living here. I recognize they are all good gifts from the Lord.

We are furiously trying to get ready for Paps and Shirley!!! They should be here after lunch. Good times ahead! He has not seen much of the kitchen project, just the back wall cabinets, so I am excited to show him. This project as I have said before has been going on four years. Terry has worked so hard, and the all the guys too with their labors, creativity and "sweat" to make this happen, but ultimatley it has been God's provision, how he has used the different big jobs to provide for each phase! So I praise HIM for another good gift that he gives for us to richley enjoy!

Farm news: TATORS!!!!! This is 3 rows dug and about 10 more rows to go!! We will be at Farmers Market in Guthrie this Saturday, so come on down!!!!!

Hope you all have great Wednesday! God is so Faithful!!!


Shiloh Smith said...

"Baalam" since the donkey spoke to baalam in the Bible. But since it's a SHE it would have to be "baalamet"!

Marybeth said...

we had a donkey a little while back and named him "Happy". It was a birthday/mother's day gift to my mom. She always wanted one. He was so funny because his "hee haw" sounded more like a scream and it was ridiculously loud! Plus he loved running around his pen just bucking for no reason.
He was quite funny to watch :)

Cynthia said...

"Ginger" I love the name Ginger!

Mountain Mama said...

L.O.V.E. your kitchen. It looks so warm, inviting and large! Very exciting.