Friday, June 24, 2011

a little "trip!!"

what do you get with
16 people
3 cars in-tow
to Texas??

Plus it was Terry's BD on Wednesday,
so add a party crew to that.......

.....and 3 hotel rooms

it starts off like this.......

then.......on the bus to
the Ranger Baseball game!!!!

cute baseball fans!!!!

chaperons to this crazy bunch!!!

more cute baseball fans!!!!

Richard and Carolyn got all of us t-shirts to wear!!

this is Carolyn.....her and her husband blessed our family
with baseball tickets to the Texas Ranger and Houston Astro
Baseball game!!!

they said they "adopted" us....
hope they know what they
got themselves

Richard and the little girls

solid cuteness!!!

this child has been wanting cotten candy
for a loonnggg I HAD to!!!

Thursday, we headed over to Six Flags!!!

I dont think anybody missed riding much of
and they braved the wildest,fastest, tallest that
was there!!!!

I did not get many pics of the older peoples, cuz they went
on their own but
I heard stories
of ALL they did!!!!

I am scared to death of heights but I rode this.....
by doing so, I did not overcome my fears......
I had my eyes closed!!!

good bye TEXAS......until we meet again!!!!

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Elisabeth Lindsey said...

Looks like tons of fun!!!