Friday, June 24, 2011

more secrets outta the bag!!!

It's getting

"quazy" around here!!!!!

letting out a few more secrets!!!

maybe its a "twin" thing!!!!

this is Daniel and Rebekah!!!

she lives "close" by
like in Tulsa!!!
Daniel does not have
to get on a plane to go see her!!!

our family has known
Rebekah and her family
for 24 plus years!!!

matter of fact, her big brother
was the ring bearer
in our wedding!!!!!

thats a pretty good friendship, huh????

praying and seeing what God has for them!!!

I think they are pretty cute......tooo!!!!!

Like I said,

it pretty

"quazy" around the Morris house!!!

but its sure fun!!!

1 comment:

Bekah Hope said...

Double wedding?!?!?!? :-))))))))