Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Did anyone notice I posted everyday last week?!?! I guess i wont make that record this week!!!

We are VBS ing this week at our church!!!! Mercy is really into it!!! I am so surprised she is getting up in the mornings, you know she likes to sleep til noon sometimes!! Hosie, Siah and Jeremiah are also part of the VBS crew. Bethany is helping with 1st and 2nd and Anna is helping with 3rd and 4th. Her class is pumping out the children, 17 in there today and mostly boys!!! But I think she can handle it.....she has 9 brothers, so its nothing new to her!!! I am helping with the toddlers and bed babies. All is calm in my room!! Sweet little kids!!!

Caleb was here over the weekend. The wedding our family attended and they played at went well!! It was so good to see Caleb, his smile, and excitement!! He headed back to MD Sunday late afternoon. He is still working on the basement for Kristens dad. I just wonder if he will make the work go really sloooowwww!!!! haha!

Super hot here.....and I am not complaining a bit!! I sat outside all day yesterday and watched the littles swim!! We got a new swim pool for them this year and they can actually swim under water and use goggles!!!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!!!

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-stephanie- said...

My girls are doing VBS this week. They love it.

Hot here too. 93 right now. I love it. Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 60's. Something's wrong with that picture. :o)