Thursday, June 2, 2011


This is a barn the guys have been working on lately. Awhile back they replaced the metal on all the sides and now they are putting a new roof on it. So thankful they are back working in the OKC area. They are here for dinner......(usually) !!

I did get to go to the grocery store before my dad and Shirley got here yesterday. Terry makes my life so easy, always willing to work out a plan for me!! Shopping day was not until Friday, but I did not really want to wait til then because Caleb will be flying in from MD. Looking forward to seeing him and getting a real live update!!! :)

I read a verse this morning that reminded me of how big and mighty God is and how small, needy, and "hard of hearing" I am, we are!! Ps. 62:11, God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God. I think I can gather from this verse that Gods word is sufficient, He has spoken it.....once! Nothing to be added to it. It contains all we need to live in this life. It holds answers, directions, comforts, disciplines, commands, promises, it chastens our hearts when we drift, it teaches us how to love, serve, labor for His kingdom. It tells us what we have to look forward to, crowns, a real kingdom/city, a life of eternity. Now the contrast of God speaking once, is us needing to hear "twice," and I think the emphasis is here, we have to be told over and over and over!!! I do anyway!! God is so merciful! I like what the verse says he speaks once about and what we have to listen twice is His power. Dont we all need to be reminded that he is ALL powerful!!!!! Over life events, world events, good times, bad times, financial times, relationship times, every single thing......He is All powerful!! That means He is in control of everything!!! We do need to hear that twice.....we need to hear that a million times!!!! Let us hear it today and trust that He knows what we need, when we need it, whether it be trials, blessings, provisions, comforts and all the long list of that we humans can groan against.

Well today, we are playing with the grandparents!! Memories being made!!

This week is flying by! Next week wont slow down either, vacation bible school at our church!!

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