Tuesday, June 14, 2011

busy, busy, busy !!!

Does it ever get "unbusy?" How did we ever do school and all the things we normally did before summer was here. I guess we can all say that, so I don't feel so bad!! But when Fall comes around again, we will somehow incorporate "school" back in our schedule!! June is my most favorite month, I wish it could stay June for 6 months!!

Our weekend was jammed packed!! Farmers Market went very well. Josiah, Mercy, Hosanna and myself went with Terry. Probably one of the best Saturdays we have had!! Hosanna made 15 sachets filled with our rose petals she has dried and sold 13 of them. We sold lots of potatoes, onions, all the green beans we took, lots of carrots, some of the guys CD's and I love it when we sell Joel's Journey DVD's!!!! His little life still going out even after 4 years. I read a verse this morning that encouraged my heart once again. I will never be over it but grace each day is sufficient until I see him again. Joshua 1:15, ....... then ye shall return unto the land of your possession, and enjoy it, which Moses the Lord's servant gave you on this side of Jordan toward the sunrising. What a picture to envision in my mind with this verse. After Joel's death, I need to return to "my family" and enjoy it. Keep living and enjoy the life God has given on this side of Jordan, the here and now but keeping my eyes toward the sunrising, toward heaven, my hope, my longing, when I will see Joel again!!! When I read verses like this, they stick in my heart when they paint a picture of my hope!! I can see all that visually as I await! I hope you too will have your eyes to the "sunrising," the point of reference that will get us through all our days this side of Jordan. Seems like a song. I wish I was a songwriter, good material there. Hey, Elizabeth Lindsey ,write a song!!!!

Bethany and Terry also made Goat Milk Soap on Saturday. The house was filled with sweet smells. Oh, and Bethany grew wings and flew to Illinois yesterday to go visit her bestie.....Danielle! It was her first time to fly. She made it safe! Meanwhile here on the farm, Hosanna, Andrew, Anna and myself are having to kick it in gear an do stuff she normally does, which is ALOT of goat chores!! SHE deserves a needed little vacation!! Hopefully we will keep everything straight as far as who gets fed, who gets milk, all the waters, hay, donkey exercise, pasteurizing milk for the goat babies.

Not alot happening on the kitchen end right now. I did do the grout behind the new cabinet area over the weekend. I am in the process of decorating and gathering things to go at the top of the cabinets. When Sid came to see us a week ago, he brought me an old saddle, so I put that up there. Yesterday I saw a Indian looking small rug at a western store and got it to go on the wall above the main sink area with all the other things I have up there. Awhile back I got this ladder and yesterday at the same western store I bought a rabbit skin to lay on one of the ladder bars. Terry said we might could get the drywall up on the outside of the laundry room maybe in the next few days. He can not put it up on the inside of the laundry area yet, because he still has to do some electrical stuff. If we can get that up, I can go ahead and texture and paint the outside of the laundry room wall that faces the kitchen area.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!!!!

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