Tuesday, June 21, 2011

gotta put some "country" in the city gal!!!!

This girl says she has never
caught a fish!!

we had to fix that!!!

we had to put some
in this city gal!!

her first cast.....

hmmm.....she kinda looks like
a "pro"

i wonder if shes over confident????


her first fish!!!!

the "trainer" said you have to hold it!!!!

can she DO IT???

you put your little fingers in its mouth.....

a "pro" for sure

whats the weight.....can you even see the fish???

back the little fishy goes!!!

I think she could be
as a

P.S. well for sure the "city gal" knows how to give blog make-overs!!! Thanks Kristen for giving me a new look!!!!!


Anonymous said...

haha! That is hilarious! She has been officially countrified!!! Wow, she and Caleb are so cute together! I love that picture where they're just grinning at each other! :)

Naomi Elle said...

LOVE it. :) Love Caleb + Kristen... and love the countrifying. :D :D :D

Brittney said...

Bring her to the farmers market Saturday!! I wanna meet her!

Teena said...

Catching up on your blog. I love the make over... I love the fish pics... we sat here laughing as we watched her catch her first fish!

Cindy... again as always you encourage me! Our older children growing into adults keeps us on our toes huh? A whole new season for us...

Would love to just sit and visit with you...

much love,