Thursday, June 16, 2011

counrtry boy/city girl

I thought you all might enjoy seeing what "country boy and city girl" have been up to in Maryland!!! Thanks to Kristen for all the pictures and documentation, (very important to us moms, Sue and I )!!!! She has also sent lengthy e-mails of all they are up to as well.......she gets a super A+!!!! From the looks of it, they have been quite busy!! I dont think I have any worries about him eating at all! AND Caleb is getting tours from surrounding states! AND he is getting alot of social activity! I think I am getting the hint that there is alot more "fun" stuff there than here! I am soooooo happy for them both. The phase they are in is certainly one of the most wonderful stages in life, a bit magical. The part that is so exciting to me is what God has done in this relationship. I think someday Kristen will write out this story for all to read and it will truly show young people that God has beautiful plans for those that wait upon him, seeking him, keeping themselves pure and working in and through miles and bringing two people together who did not even know the other existed through circumstances that is far beyond our own workings.

Also a big thank you to Alan and Sue (Kristens parents) who have worked out many details for Caleb to work on their basement and future opportunities while he is there, That means he is getting paid and that is a very good thing!! :) I am a blessed mom! Though we have entered an era of the older ones preparing for their futures, yes its a bit sad as far as them not being here much yet the wonderful plans that He is unfolding for many of them exceeds even prayers I have prayed for many years. Its true, He answers over and beyond what I could barley utter and groan out for each of them. I am thankful for a great God who does so desire to bless us with good gifts from above. Its a wonderful time!!

I think the pictures are self explanatory soooooo enjoy!!!!

i think they are the
cutest things


Mountain Mama said...

She is sooo adorable. It is a joy to watch God work in the hearts of young people when they seek Him. What a sweet friendship/relationship - May God be glorified!
Thanks for sharing their story and pics. So fun!

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Thank you so much for sharing! May the Lord be glorified through this time of building this relationship. Continue to seek Him with all your heart and love Him above all others!
Be good! :-) And enjoy every moment of this wonderful time.
Cindy, I am so thrilled to see this unfolding in your family! I have been praying just recently all the more for our children and their future/mates. What a blessing and encouragement to see the Lord's work!
Oh, I do hope they share their whole story someday...if they want to! :)
I can't wait until I see you...super soon!!!!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

They are SO cute!!!! :)

Becca said...

I'm still jealous we weren't invited to double for their FoundingFarmers date. ;-) they are pretty cute!

Janet said...

Oh what wonderful big smiles they both have! Blessings and all the best!