Monday, June 27, 2011

monday the 27th ( boring title huh??)

What a weekend!!!! It was fun for sure but sooooo busy!!! Bethany had a good day on her bd. We did her bd meal and her choice of dessert on Saturday night. Friday, her real bd, after dinner some of us went to a little coffee shop in town and had some specialty coffee drinks. So back to Saturday, Terry and I , Hosie and Josiah did Farmers Market. The Lemonade stand has turned into a big hit! I guess the hot weather is boosting sales! The older children had many adventures Sat., swimming at the lake, "Pops" (a famous gas station on route 66) and playing volley ball. Saturday night Terry and I went to the drive-in for a movie and fireworks with 5 little children here in town while the older ones went to Brick town in OKC. Like I said, it was busy!!

Caleb and Kristen are safely back in MD. I have no idea when his next visit home will be, but they are def enjoying the "togetherness!!" I think its to the point of inseperatablness!! Is that a word?? Well, for sure we are all happy and excited for what the Lord is doing there. Like Sue, Kristens mom said, if the mommas are happy, then thats good!!!

Today, is recovery mode! Cleaning up, laundry, a very slow pace. I feel like I need to sleep for a few days to catch up! Then gear up for the upcoming days ahead, 4th of July stuff, and church camps.

Like I have said several times I continue to do this blog for two purposes really, well 3. First is to give hope to other mommys hearts that have been through the death of a toddler and that God will be Faithful and True to their darkest days. Next is to document our families "adventures." And lastly but not really lastly, really the first, that God would be glorified in it all. I am not blogging to have controversy of who we are, what we do, ect. I would jut encourage anyone to seek for themselves what God would have YOUR family do according to scriptures with the leadership of your husband. I enjoy getting all the e-mails of how you encourage our family especially the ones I got this week, thank you!! God is merciful and full of grace. May each of you seek His kingdom first and he will give you wisdom, guidance, grace, and all you need to direct your wonderful families. Thank you for keeping up with our family and many have been alongside of us for all these 4 years, I am blessed to have your encouragement!!

Now, I think I am going to make some coffee, to wake myself up!!!


JOHN said...

You are such an inspiration to times for sure at your house. I wish we lived closer together :)
Marie in NC

Shanna said...

Though we have never met in person you are a balm to my soul and dear to my heart. How someone could ever find controversy here is a mystery to me.

Paige said...

Oh Mrs. Morris please keep bloging it is the highlight of my day when I read your blog.I told my mom about 2 weeks ago if Mrs.Morris stopped updating her blog I would die. When I'm down even if I have read a post many times I can read it again I'm ready to finish my day with a smile.Word cannot tell how much I enjoy reading your blog. Well have a happy 4th