Wednesday, June 15, 2011

HOT !!!

When its HOT, you find water......and.....we did!!!!! The big town of Cushing Ok, Aquatic swimming pool!! The little children LOVED it!!! Daniel even tagged along with us!! In the evenings its only $1.75 for 7 and up and Mercy was only $1.25!! Thats my kind of cheap fun! They area already begging to go back. Mercy loved the frog slide!

Bethany made it to Illinois safely. Texting has many advantages!!! Just a quick "are you there" puts a moms heart at ease. How did we operate without it....we did! But now its nice!

Cleaning day today. I think most everyone has already done their chores and Andrew did a miracle on the garage!!! Hosanna, Jeremiah, Josh, and Siah are still doing school work on Monday and Tuesdays just so they wont forget stuff and I really needed them to finish their books. Dont know if that will happen but at least they will be farther along when we do start back up.

Grocery day this week, I really need to make a menu this time. Just going to the store and getting things is not optimal. Like I have meat from last shopping day but no noodles and stuff like that to actually make a meal. I have become so lax in food prep......terrible I know. I dont eat much and I guess I expect everyone else to do as I but that is a big NOT!! I vcan just eat some watermelon for my meal but that does not go over to well with hungry, growling construction workers!! :)

Hope you all are enjoying the "lazy" days of summer! I am!!! The "lazy" especially!! But remember not to be lazy with the Lord, He never sleeps nor slumbers!! Thankful for that.

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erinstwo said...

Just wanted to drop in and say I love seeing a post from you on my 'dashboard!' I love to read about your family. I hear you on the needing a meal plan before going to the grocery store! I've been trying to throw things together here too. Happy Summer!