Tuesday, May 31, 2011

u know its summer when........

STOP........its "officially" summer here!!!!!

you know its summer when.........



Serious sibling competition

Smiling cyclers



Sisters taking u to Sonic


Sweet memories


Steep hills

Splashing swimmers!!!

Did yall have a good Memorial day????? We sure did!!!! A great time at our wonderful friends Natalee and Paul and their children!!! Paul built a massive smoker and wow, all the meat was unbelievable!!!! We even managed to get some vb in with the Oklahoma wind!!! Good times!!!

This week is going to be a whirlwind!!! And especially since it starts on Tuesday!!! haha!!! We are having two groups of company. My dad is coming tomorrow, its been awhile since he's been here. Caleb is flying in from MD on Friday for the wedding they are playing in on Sat. He will be heading back out again on Sunday. This is grocery week and I dont even know if I will get that in.

If you think about it continue to pray for the Hamil family! Last Tuesday their lives were changed forever! Just to think that last Tuesday morning they got up just like you and I, went about their day yet the afternoon came, the tornado came......and their lives will never be the same. In this life, our hands are put to the plow of trials. But one day our hands will all wave the palm branches of victory!!!!!!

May your day be blessed!!!!


The Ahlgren Family said...

"...palm branches of victory." I like that! It sounds summer-ish too!
Those are fun pictures! I love that one of Miah "Soaring"! We filled up a little pool for Lilian this morning and she had so much fun playing with the hose! We haven't put her in it yet, waiting til the afternoon when the water will be a tad warmer!
Have a fun week! :D

Sharon said...

Just love these photos Cindy- but especially the one of steep hills. The country looks so inviting and the hills are just lovely. Sometimes I forget what hills and mountains look like; we have neither in Florida. Enjoy your week.

ellie said...

this looks so fun! I told anna that I have never been to sonic. apparently this is a problem :)