Monday, May 9, 2011

our weekend!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!!! I know I did!! I got roses, cards filled with sweet words, a Starbuck card, chocolates, dirt work on the side of the house and grass seed planted, and I was treated to eating out and then strolling in Bricktown!! I loved all the outward expressions of love they showed me, but mostly I enjoyed just being together. Lately, ALL of us being at one place has not been easy. So it was very special to be together, just us!!

Monday.......we are getting some school done, firing up the washer and dryer (never ending (i wonder if they cud talk, if they wud say "weekends over, bud!!") And its for real this time, they are bringing the granite in a little while!!!!

The guys are all back here working now!! Glad!!! So we have to get back to how things use to be, like dinner at 6pm, we really should not stay up til midnight, and we really should get up earlier!! So other things come along with this, a very messy guys room!!! I will just close the door!! Tonight the olders have to travel to Tulsa to practice some wedding music for a friend getting married the first of June and then Caleb, Daniel and Elijah have a soccer game at 11:45 pm!!

We have a MAJOR problem around here!!! PARKING!!!! I think we are ready for a parking lot with yellow lines and even name signs!!! Caleb purchased him a truck over the weekend. Its a F-150, 1998. He got a really good deal on it!! It is a really clean truck and will serve him well for his summer "project!!" :) Now total count is 4 trucks, a car and the good ole van!!! It a miracle that van is still running!! It just won't die!! hahah!!

I know you all remember Dave, Katelyn and Lilian!!!!!
they are all doing
(rolling the tongue, for u kate!!)

well, this little girl has something
to tell you!!!!

I'm going to be a



we are so happy for them!!!

kate is due in Dec.

so pray for them for a wonderful

P.S. family pics on post below!!!


Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

YAY KATE!!!!! I can not comment on your blog anymore for some reason so this is my comment for Kate!!!! SOOOOOOOOO happy for you all!!!!!! What a joy and blessing!!!!!! Much Love!!!!!!

Okay, now to cindy. Glad you had a great Mothers day.


Dara Steward said...

So happy to hear of blessings of new life! We are also expecting a third in December! ;o) Maybe I will get a girl this time around.... I would be thrilled either way. I sure do enjoy my boys!