Wednesday, May 18, 2011

one rose again......

I have mentioned this verse before but I can not help to share it again especially when I "see" Him comforting my heart as I still miss Joel. John 14:18, I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. I look forward to our roses blooming each year but especially the one rose bush that some friends gave us in memory of Joel. It has one bloom on it again this year. As I have been watching that rose unfold from a bud to a bursting beautiful flower, it reminds me that God still unfolds His purposes even after years are passed from such a trial. I think one of the most hopeful things this trial has brought to my heart is that because Joel is up in heaven, I think of heaven often, I think of what its like to be there, amongst heros of faith, but mostly I think of what will it actually be like to finally see Jesus face to face. By Joel being there, it reminds me that I am just a sojourner here and this is not my home! I am thankful for the one rose which stands alone on that bush, He comes to me through that piece of creation to comfort my heart.

I really haven't heard much from Caleb in Maryland, guess he's busy!! haha!!! I know there is lots to do and see there and I know he has the "best tour guide!!!" :)

I actually found the new vehicle in the parking lot today!! A BIG white van really sticks out and this Expedition blends in well with all the other cars, but I found it with no prob!! I am looking forward to my grocery day this week!!!

This weekend we have them scattering out in all different directions!!! Terry and Bethany are heading to a dairy goat show for the whole weekend!! Elijah, Micah and Daniel are going camping, and of course Caleb is not here, so that leaves me and Anna and a few littles! Maybe we'll find somewhere to go! Can't go too far, Hosanna is in charge of feeding the baby goats!

We finished all the Little House on the Prairie episodes on DVD. Nine seasons and then the Farwell episode. An estimate of about 180 hours. We have been watching them in the evenings for over 2 months. We watched all of them except one on season 7. For the most part they were all fine. I think it was good for our children to get a visual of how people lived in a different era and how their faith was demonstrated in the good times and the bad. Sooooo, like Jeremiah said, "maybe I can get into bed earlier now instead of like midnight!!"

I think this coming week is about the only week that nothing is on the calender until August! But that could change faster than I know! What do you all have planned for the summer???

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Teena said...

hi. catching up. Seems God has me in a different direction and sometimes coming here and some other blogs... makes me long for the "old days" with littles and all. Our family of 6 children is thinning out... 3 graduates and 3 more still to go. I figured out the other day as this is our 20th yr of hsing ... I have 10 more if God's will... so 30 total. Wow. Makes me sad. just this year Wesley finally learned to read. So all of my children now have learned to read...

God has given me a new vision working with Compassion International (just as a volunteer, do not have to work outside the home). I do sometimes miss the old... but not much has changed.. it is a family thing and the kids love Compassion International too. Just different. Hope this makes sense.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Love reading about your family. Always thinking about Joel. How your testimony keeps his legacy alive. How others are reached by the testimony of Joel.

I love the one rose.

much love, Cindy.