Wednesday, May 25, 2011


*****Elijah will be going out with his volunteer fire dept tomorrow to help with the search/recovery of little Ryan. Please keep praying for this sweet family, a stay at home mommy!!!

I've got it, I've got it!!!!!! I figured put how to get pics from my phone to here.
they made some sand stuff today, thought it was so neat!!!! Lots of hours spent at this sandbox!!!

We survived the tornadoes that came to our area yesterday.The West side of our town had some damage but thankfully the path of the tornado was out more on country side instead of the town itself. I did hear there was maybe one or two fatalities in our county. We did go down in the storm cellar, thankful we have it. We got it after the May 3rd tornado in OKC. I want to be "under" ground!!!

One story really tugged at my heart. A little 3 yo boy is missing in the Piedmont area from the tornado. The Hammil family. The mother injured, 5 yo daughter in hospital, their 15 month old died, and now the 3 yro boy is missing. Pray for this family.

Big night for Hosanna and Mercy!! Terry is taking them out to eat, like a little "date" night and then HE wants to go to a Red Hawks baseball game!! I don't know if they will last the whole game! So I have to figure out a restaurant for them. They were suppose to go last night but not a good idea with the storms, so tonight is it!!

Terry has been working on getting the stone back splash up on the just installed cabinet area. The cabinet guy is comming out Sat. to measure for the double oven space and do some trim around some specific areas. This will be the last of the cabinets in the kitchen area. I will have him do maybe a few small cabinets in the laundry room when we get it done. Daniel framed up the area we are re-doing for the laundry room. I am still using our old oven so we can not take that small cabinet area out quite yet. Progress is progress!!

Bethany had a dairy show this past weekend and did well!! Several first, seconds, several Reserved grands and one she was especially happy about a Grand Champion with a little 7 week old doe that she AI'd.

I do talk to Caleb waaayyyyy u in MD occasionally!!!! The work project on the basement is going good he says but a bit slow. But the "fun" things in the evenings he and Kristen are doing is rated "SUPER!!!" I told him since he is an "outsider" now, to know what we are up to, he would have to read the blog!!! :)

Big plans for Memorial Day????? This year my dear friend Natalie is brave enough to host a shindig and brave enough to ask our family over. Hope she knows what she is gettn into. So yep, our plans is lotsa food, volley ball and fun times with great people and a special guest from way up in Wisconsin!!! :) After Memorial day our calender is packed full!! Weddings to attend and play at, vacation bible school, camps, mini vacations, trips to see friends, farmers market, and hopefully we'll be home long enough to do laundry!! haha!!

Thought I would say "hi!"

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The Ahlgren Family said...

Your camera phone works pretty well, and it's easy to upload from! :D
What a fun night for Hosie and Mercy! I remember my Dad taking me on "dates" and they are some special memories!