Wednesday, May 4, 2011

being filled.....

pics via phone.....again!! :)
its always in my pocket
to capture things

Our roses are beginning to look so nice!!! I planted 4 new bushes this year! Remember that little rose bush I have told you about, the one someone gave us in Feb. 2007, in memory of Joel? Well, in all these 4 years, the first year it had only one rose bloom and the two following years it has had only two blooms and then this year it looks like only one rose bud that is going to bloom. I am thankful for God's tender mercies He shows us through His creation!

Steady routine around here. School, laundry, meals on the table, and some fun outside. The little people have been playing alot at their playhouse, they have it all clean! I wonder how much they would charge for services????

Hopefully the guys will get home today from the Texas job. Terry did mention he thought someone was going to have to make one more trip down there to bring home the rest of the supplies they had down there. But the job itself is done!!!

As far as the guys work on their own houses, it has been little of nothing. With the Ada job and this Tx job, there has not been the time. But now with work around OKC, they might can get some hours in after work with it staying light longer now!! So I dont have nay updateed pics because of no updated work!! :)

I read a verse this morning and it really was a prayer. A prayer for so many I have read about, know about that are in the midst of trials, hurts, sorrows of this life. The tornado families in Alabama, especially this one family with 13 children, the father was killed as he sacrificially gave his life for protecting his family as he flung himself over them. A 'friend" whom I pray for each day whose little 5 year old girl was killed in a car accident last Oct, and so many little children suffering physical needs of illness. It just all touches me in a different way now. When you have suffered, your heart is able to enter in so to speak with them to the depths of what they are likely feeling. The verse is in Eph. 4:19. And to know the love of Christ which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God. In this life we experience loss, hurt, pain physically, sorrow that leaves us feeling so empty. We feel like their is a vast hole within that is so deep nothing can reach its emptiness. Our "knowledge" of trying to figure, of asking questions, of getting human counsel, reading books, getting advice, seeking Dr.'s, all the wealth of knowledge that is available cannot surpass the "emptiness" that we feel!! I have found that only 'one" thing can fill a person when one is at "ground zero!" Its reading about, learning about God's love! That all His works, His thoughts, His plans for me and my family and for a child of God, its all done out of love!!! It the love of Christ that will "fill" us when we are empty. When we are empty, His fullness can extend to the deepest, darkest pit that any human can be in! I prayed this morning for a whole host of people, that they would experience the "fullness of God, his love." May it be so, Lord!!

Think I will go out and experience some of His "love " for me now, this nice warm weather He has sent!!!


Journey Reunion said...

What a testimony to the love of the Father. He is being glorified and lifted up through your life, Mrs. M! Thank you for sharing of His goodness - it encouraged my heart today. :)

~Hannah B.

Natalee said...

Cindy this post touched my heart today.
We did not know your family during your trials and sorrow with losing Joel. We were not witnesses of the pain your family went through during that time. We have only witnessed your life on this side of it. The part where you have experienced God's love in such a way where you are now the encourager to others and you are taking the love that the Lord has showered on you and your family over these past few years and are able to share it with others in need.
That is so powerful! Such a testimony to God's faithfulness to us that He will indeed bring us through trials. Trials that many of us may never understand. To be witnesses to such healing is indeed priceless! Not that your healing is over, but that He has brought you to a new place.
I have witnessed joy and laughter in your heart and know that it is God's love that has brought you here!