Friday, May 6, 2011

doin lotsa stuff!!!!

We have been having some good times around here!!! Wednesday we went to the OKC zoo!!! I took Jeremiah, Hosie, Siah and Mercy!! It was the perfect day!! We had so much fun! It has been awhile since we have been, so much has been added since we were there last. I have not been to many zoo's but I think OKC is one, if not the best zoo around!! :)

Tonight, (Friday) after dinner, Terry, Bethany, Andrew, Josh, Jeremiah, Hosie, Siah and myself went to OKC and went to Lake Hefner for bike riding and sunset seeing!! It was so nice and the children had a grand time riding on "concrete!!" I am going to have to teach them "city ethics" of like riding in town verses "country riding!!" I had to tell them to ride on this side of the path and not to ride on the grass!!! hahah!!! I think we'll have to have another evening of this adventure again!

......and again, ala phone pictures!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all!!! My mother has been with Jesus 18 1/2 years!
I am so blessed for the opportunity to be a
mother to
13 wonderful children!!!

Its going to be a wonderful
day just to be


Mountain Mama said...

I can totally relate to the "city ethics" thing. My kiddos don't know much about them either. :-)Have a great time and Happy Mother's Day!!

Teena said...

yes mine do not know how to ride in the city either. hahah when we go camping and they are able to ride on pavement it is a big thing. They have paved our dirt road and they do ride on it some...

love reading here. Love your pics. Glad your guys are home.... praying for them.

My mom's been gone for almost 3 yrs... I am so thankful to be a MOM.

Happy Mother's Day to you too!


Janet said...

Happy Mother's Day! This was my Mum's first Christmas in heaven and I missed her so much, but was thankful to have my girls with me, and we had a wonderful day together! PS was thrilled to read about the Ahlgrens good news!