Thursday, May 26, 2011

what one can do on our farm.........


you came to our farm for a visit
these are some
activities one
could enjoy.......

you can sunbathe on the sandstone rocks of Oklahoma!

you can enjoy yummy picnics under the breezy shade trees

you can play golf on the lush green pastures!!!

you can swing from the lofty oak trees!

you can jump on the springy trampoline!!

you can hunt animals in the thick forests

sounds like a paradise??????

it is!!!!!!

we "luv" country!!!!

Please pray for the Hamil family I mentioned yesterday. Ryan's little body was recovered from a nearby lake. There journey of grieving has just begun. I know God will be ever so Faithful to the deepness of their anguish, its just one step at a time. They need the prayers of the saints right now to intercede. They have accounts set up for folks to share their resources with, I am sure if you google you can find secure ways to give.Places have already been mentioned on facebook of banks that are helping on their behalf. Their lives have been turned upside down, their house was destroyed........lets pray at least!!!


The Ahlgren Family said...

A farm sure is a fun place to be! Miah looks so stocky in that picture! He sure is built like Lije, and Siah is like C&D!
We've been praying for the Hamil family, and will continue!

Janet said...

Oh my! Can I visit? :) Sending regards from South Africa (not so Sunny - it's COLD!)

Teena said...

ours is not really a farm but maybe a mini place in the country. They do love the tire swing, trampoline, walking in the woods, hunting... swimming.... our goat... guinea pigs... flowers... blooming.

LOVE seeing YOUR place.


ps praying for Ryan.

oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cheesecake factory. Only been there once.