Tuesday, May 3, 2011

some flowers.....

Well, if all else fails......use phone camera!! Mercy, Josiah and I planted these today!!! I love the potato vines, they will eventually get so long they hang over the small wall there. I also got four hanging baskets of flowers for the front porch.

Terry and Elijah had somethings to do in OKC, Caleb and Daniel and the Tx workers went to clean up and haul things back. Hopefully today or tomorrow is it!! They have several things lined up for the OKC area, so I am looking forward to having it somewhat back to like it use to be!

I am sitting here waiting for the lady to come and measure for the granite for the last of the cabinets!!!! I am so hoping she can get it in this week. :) Guess I will go outside and get some sun while I wait for her.........luv the weather today!!!!!


The Ahlgren Family said...

Very pretty! And it was a gorgeous day today! I sat in the sun for a little while and thought of you, assuming that you were out doing the same! :D

Teena said...

love your flowers. love the bed... how awesome.

Hope it all gets back to normal.

How are the guys coming with their homes? Would love to see some updated pics.

Praying for you. think about you lots... and Joel. I still share his story. I haven't forgotten.