Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy 2010 !!!!!

Well....the last day of 2009 did not start off too great for me this morning. I was in the van leaving about 6:35 am and the good ole' van wants to get stuck in the snow/mud!!!! Terry and Elijah were already up so I called from the van in the driveway and give the info to the rescue squad. Out they come, hook up tractor to van, pull van out, hurray!!!! Next I go to the grocery store, get all the grub on the list, back to van and its dead as a doorknob!!!! I kindly, (not really, I was getting a little sad by this time) call Terry and get info. Go back into the store and ask for mercy for someone to help. Two fellows come to my rescue but with one bad jumper cable, like the end thing falls off.......duh!!! He goes to hunt another and we giver er' another try......hurray again!!!!! Next I go to Wal Mart to see about getting new battery. Turns out, thats all I need. The young girl was so nice and we talked about children and "how many" we had and she said the kindest things!! At first she thought it was under warrenty, then not, then I go on about my shopping because I had to get the battery no matter if it was warrantied or not. I check out pay for battery and hurray again!!! Instead of $75 it only cost $9.75!!!!! So things are perking up now!!!! I was able to get back home in a timely manner to get our New Year's goodies/food going!!!

So tonight, we are going to be very low key. Dave and Kate are joining us as we bring 2010 in and also Bethany's friend, Brianne. Our menu is going to be Chicken Poppers, (chicken wrapped in bacon) Calazone, a new Bean dip, another type of dip and several desserts. Some cola and Mt. Dew for our "Happy New Year" and some Cranberry Spritz!! And of course lots of coffee and later in the night, coffee shakes!!!! We have several games we are planning on playing, so it should be a fun time together!

The guys and Dave have been meeting with an elderly man this afternoon, discussing purchasing 160 acres. They said the meeting was very positive. Caleb and Daniel want to get about 30 acres apiece and Dave and Kate would like the remaining 100. It is close to our place here, so that will be a blessing if the Lord works it out. Dave and Kate have a family ready to buy their house so if the land deal goes through, they will have to get a house built really quick!!! And guess who can help?????? All the guys!!!!

Alot to be thankful for in 2009! Thankful for health, provision, two of our younger children were saved this year, grace in grieving, not any major breaking of things we use so often, washers, dishwashers ect, our home church has had new families, thankful for all of you out there, your prayers and faithfulness, the farm has been productive, teh livestock has increased and sales of show goats is doing much to be grateful for, but all that I listed is because of Christ, his mercy and grace, His goodness, His protection, His directing and ordering our Praise Him!!!!

May the Lord pour forth His mighty grace and mercy upon each of you this New Year 2010!!!

We miss you Joel!!!! I remember this day so well in 06'


Leanne said...

Sounds like the perfect way to ring in the new year.

It's exactly what we are going to be doing!

Yay that the van only needed a battery. Praise God for all the tiny mercies He bestows on us!

Teena said...

Wanted to check here before going to bed.

It was a good New Year's Eve party at our church....boys loved the bon fire. Great food. We played Apples to Apples & a new game called "Things" not so sure I like that one.

Feeling a little sad...but God's grace is sufficient & His mercies new each morning!

I are remembering...I have thought a lot about you these last several days... May God cover you with His grace...mercy...& comfort.

Much love, Cindy...

Hugs, Teena

Mountain Mama said...

Happy New Year to you!

Teena said...

Cindy, coming here this morning before church to peek in.

Thinking about you. I have not walked in your shoes but wanted you to know my heart hurts w/ you today... Take the time, is ok...good even. I think. I hope I am not saying too much.

Just letting you know that I am lifting you up to the Father today and will contnue to...


Janet said...

We had a perfectly quiet New Year - no fuss, just laughs and chats with special friends!
Happy New Year to you and your family Cindy. God Bless you all and may it be a happy and healthy one! :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

So glad the van issues worked out. And for under $10 for a battery? That is awesome!

WOW, the land deal sounds SO exciting! Especially with it being close to you. That would be my dream-- for my children to want to live close by when they are older.

(((hugs))) How bittersweet this time of year must be. Some things we will never forget-- but God's grace is sufficient!