Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CD is here !!!!!!

Finally, Caleb and Daniel's music CD has arrived!!!!! We'll be shipping all the pre-orders out tomorrow! Of course with the New Year's holiday, the mail will be delayed a bit, but it will be in transit to YOU!!!! Thanks for investing in the guys and their labors. If you have not ordered one, just click on the side at the top and order yours!!!! May it bless many and be a tool for the Lord
to use in mighty ways for His kingdom!!!


Teena said...

That is great! God is faithful.


grammy said...

hi, I came by from 'At His Feet'.
enjoyed reading about your family. What a wonderful bunch of family you have. I like the pictures. I assume they are taken by you (o:

Adina, mom to Elijah and Merry said...

Is there a place we can listen to a sample? I know we can get a sample in a few weeks when/if we visit, Lord-willing, but other people who won't get a "live" sample might want to hear. (wondering if you had something on youtube or some other site.