Friday, December 11, 2009

rich grace.....

Deep breath........whewwww......... seems like to sit here and to write is a major project lately! My mind is a flurry of thoughts, some sad, some happy, some going back to "the day two years ago," some anticipating the excitement of having small children and they really get in to the lights, sparkles and all the goodies that are in the making, some thoughts upon fresh truths and pictures the Lord gives my heart and mind as I read His Word.

In our 23 years of being married, Terry and I have never been without as far as food, clothing and basic necessities. There has been a few times where our cash has been extremely low and we have had to go to a birth choice organization to get diapers. We have never had a big bank account, mostly we deal with "two weeks to two weeks." At one point when Terry was working at a company when he first started he was getting like $5 bucks an hour. When I look back and think of the 7 children at the time, I wonder how we managed. But the truth is WE did not, God did. We would receive money in the mail, or folks would give us money. He was taking care of us in what seemed at the time one of the "worst times" in our lives, but as I look back, we did not know the "poverty of heart " that was to come and the riches we would be heirs of, in grace through our greatest trial. I have read some scriptures in Eph. chapters 1&2, that speak of the "riches of His grace." As I have been meditating upon this thought it speaks to the "empty purse strings" of my heart. How can one feel so empty yet at the exact time so full/rich?? It is because of the riches of His grace. At different points along the grieving line, I have certainly felt, stripped, without, like in a sort of poverty of the heart, lonely, like God is no where, I have felt homeless in a sense in my mind and heart, I have felt poor and broken and like there is no place to go. But as I pondered this phrase "riches of His grace," and what He HAS done in this last year, I am rich!!!! His grace has poured over my heart, it has sunk into the dark corners and crevices, it has filled the empty purse of my heart. Do not get me wrong, I miss Joel every second and tears come bout every day but its this rich grace that flows and is given. It is as it says in the concordance, abundant richness, valuable bestowment. I can not explain it, its just there. You see He has wealth to give but its not necessarily in money. We are heirs actually to the Greatest King of all history and His storehouse is full of mercy and grace. The riches of his grace not only extends when our life circumstances are hard but his rich grace is for us who were and are in poverty of sin, when we are seperated from Him, we are "homeless." So today no matter how difficult the lots that are given us or the sin that lies upon us because "all have sinned," He is rich in grace!!! He is rich!!!!! Thank the Lord that there is one sort of richness that will set us free, give us peace, give us hope.......His rich grace! You see He takes care of our daily neccessities but more than that He takes care of our heart needs!! Thank you, Lord!!

Sounds like you all got a giggle out of the "angel post." What were ya'll doing????Clicking on it and ENLARGING it????? Now Mercy has another opportunity to be in a play at some friends and she will have no part in being anything else but a shepherd!!! She will not be an angel or a sheep, ONLY a shepherd!!!!

We have had a great response for the Joel's Journey DVD!!! If you would like one, its a free gift we are passing on to you, then e-mail us at I plan on mailing them out on Monday the 14th. Also Caleb and Daniel are sooooo close to having their CD ready. Hope to get the proof back by the first of the week and then they will place the order and possibly have them by the end of next week. They would like to sell them for $12 plus 2 shipping, so $14 total. Save your money!!! We'll get it all ready and tell you how to order with pay pal soon!!! I know your going to be blessed with this project and I am asking you to get one and support them! I hope to have two short samples up tomorrow if we can figure out how to do it. Think about giving some as gifts too!!! I know I am a proud mother but you would be too !! :)

The little children are filled with excitement for next Tuesday!!! Their "Paps" is coming to celebrate Christmas with them. Tonight, Dave and Kate are coming for dinner and we will all try to stay warm together!!! AND I will get to HOLD Mavie!!!!! Some of the older children might go to a Christmas party.

Well, I did it!!! I sat here and got this done!!! I love writing and sharing with you all......thanks for "keepin on comin' back!!!"


Leanne said...

I too have felt that poverty of soul, that curious empty feeling and being so frustrated with myself because I have so, so much to be thankful for and filled up with....

Musn't we learn to view our sufferings as "light, momentary affliction"? Ah, there is the everlasting lesson and the hardest thing!

You look radiant, as one who is so full yet has had such trials and tribulations, and therein lies true joy, and I can see it on your face!

Take care and blessings to you fabulous family!

Teena said...

I love the pics...

Leanne said it beautifully. YOU do look radiant... and it is because YOUR JOY lies in HIM.

I so appreciate your words. I need them.

Thinking of you and praying

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Cindy.... It was great hearing how the Lord has always provided financially for you and your family. He will provide for you heart and sould now.

Put us down for one of your boys cd's as we would love to support them. Do we just send you the check? Let me know how it works and we are in.