Tuesday, December 29, 2009

mercy too !!

For the pictures of Josiah yesterday, I had to do little bribing!!!!! Mercy caught on and wanted to "do" pictures too!!! So we did, but not without a "prize" coming her way!! We did not have the sun shinning through the windows like with Siah, so they all did not turn out. I get few pictures and she gets a "prize!!!"

The tracking info says we are suppose to receive the music CD's today!!! It's getting late so we'll see! I'll let you know if they get here later and tomorrow we'll be shipping the pre-orders that have been requested. If you have not ordered yours......get with it!!!!

Poor thing, we are taking one of our steers to the butcher tomorrow morning but yummy for us, real meat soon to fill up the freezer!!! I know we are only a few days into winter but I am ready for Spring!!!! I LOVE summer!!! So I am looking forward to Spring happenings on our farm, baby goats, we'll be ordering our meat chickens, garden 2010, which now the area wraps around very close to our backyard. I might be able to swing the french doors open and grab some lettuce or spinach!!!!

Tonight I get to hold baby "Mavie." Dave and Kate are bringing dinner over here!!! Dave's special is on the menu! Anna is whipping up some dessert, and we'll get the new coffee pot going and snuggle up together!

Last night we played the board game, "Are you smarter than a 5the grader?" Well.....sad to say some of the teams had to say,"I am not smarter than a 5th grader!!!" Its ridiculous, don't buy it!!!! I am glad we played it by ourselves, it could have been embarrassing!!!!


Teena said...

We have that game too and it is crazy! I think "WOW, a first grader is suppose to know that?" Lol

Mercy is precious!

Hugs & thinking of you. Know you are pressing on...and I am praying!


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Emma and Mommy said...

She is such a little princess. What a beautiful little blessing!

Anonymous said...

hi Cindy, my name is Christa i love your blogg!!!... i was hoping you may allow a time to meet? i am a mom of 11 and was wanting to see if you can impart any insights to raising a large family... i am feeling a bit overwhelmed and would love to get insights from you. can you pray about us meeting? we have mostly girls LOLOL so i know there are different things to deal with and my oldest is 14...down to the baby 5 months.
christa smith
edmond, ok