Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Party!

Thanks first to my daughter Anna, for being so thoughtful in the BD post!!! I am blessed by my family and ALL of you!!! Thank you for the BD blessings, wishes, calls, and texts!!! Tonight.....ice skating for my BD. We have conjured up a group of about 45- 47 folks to go!!!! This time its an inside rink, the Blazers!! Hey, if anyone out there wants to join us, meet us there at 7 pm!!!

What a party last night!!! There is no way we could have done that if we did not have the extra room space!!! We had about 45 people here and we played some pretty rowdy games that needed room!!!!!! And the food ......wowowoowowo!!!!!! So much food!!! We even had our own chef!! Jeremy Canning brought in huge trays of veggies, fruit, snow crab and all sorts of dips!! He really is a professional chef!!!! Everyone did such a great job on bringing goodies, thank you!!!! We played a few games. One was Stocking Guessing Game. I had three giant stockings and filled them with like articles, then tied them shut and had three teams. Each team had to "feel" from the outside and write down what they thought was in there and the team that had the most right won!!! Next was Snowball Toss, we had 4 teams lined up behind each other and one person on each team stood in front of each lined up team and tossed mini marshmallows into the persons mouth. The winner was whose team each member caught one in their mouth. Another game was Christmas Wrap Relay. We had 3 teams and on each team you had a partner that stood right next to you. I taped their inside hands together and they could NOT use those to go down and wrap the present. The first group would make the box up and put the tissue paper in, the next group would put the shirt in, next group would wrap the package with paper and tape and the last group would put the bow on. But remember they were only using each others outside hands!!!! The last game we played was a guessing, charade game using Winter/Christmas words! It was a huge blessing to have all these folks here. Every family that was here, besides our dear friends the Burnett's (whom were a main source of support) is because of meeting or getting reconnected through Joel's sickness and battle with cancer. Even though the Lord has taken, He has given! Given friends, prayer warriors, people that supported us monetary and so much more.....thank you!! My heart is so grateful for being with us on this journey!!!

Oh, guess what the family got me for my BD??????????????? You know how much our WHOLE family LOVES coffee!!!! We have had two pots for quite a while, but with our hard well water, it corrodes the insides!!! So I got an Industrial Bunn Two Warmer/Decanter Coffer Brewer!!! It makes a pot of coffee in about 60 seconds. The only thing is I am having to buy and refill jugs with filtered water for now until we can get a Berky water filter dispenser, which we hope to soon! So if you come to our house and love coffee, we'll be able to serve you up some QUICK!!!!!

This morning I was reading in Luke 10. Sometimes only ONE word is all we need to hear and if we have confidence in Who God is, that He is Faithful, that one word will be a Rock, a Tower, a Strength. The verse is 10:8, And I say unto you, though he will not rise, and give him, because he is his friend, yet because of his importunity he will rise and give him as many as he needeth. There are many words I have come to hold on deep with in my heart. One is Resurrection. This word importunity is very important to me and my heart, to a grieving mother. The word means, urgent, persistent in solicitations, to beg, to even be troublesome. You see the road I am on, many emotions come and go, but what is Sure, is Him, my Jesus!!!! I have done all of the definitions above. I have begged, I have been persistent, I have been urgent, I solicit requests much, I have even been troublesome to the Lord. And the most wonderful thing is HE WANTS US TO BE!!!! He wants and desires us to come to him in desperation as our only hope and help! We might not receive all we are begging, requesting, soliciting for but what does happen is, you begin to KNOW in a deeper way and learn in a deeper way of Who God is! We did all of the definitions above when Joel was sick, yet our longings were not answered like we desired but we rest in His wisdom. Even now this word is critical to my heart as I still beg, persist, solicit, and keep going back and back pleading his mercy and grace to keep walking in this trail. Also it is a very important word as I keep asking and seeking Him for direction for daughters and sons and their futures, for provision, for our family and much more. I am so glad this word is for us, for our needs, for our help. I am so glad that I can keep on asking and asking and asking adn He will rise and give what is needed!!!! You can too!!

Well, blessings to you all, thank you for everything!!!!

The music CD is on order and we'll be shipping them out soon!!!!!........order yours on the side!!!! Your gonna be blessed!!!!


Paige said...

the food tray looks sooo good and I really like ice skating also hope you have fun cannot wait to meat your family next year PS I am Karen's daughter Paige Silas brother Paige

Mandy said...

Looks like a lot of fun! My kind of party! You are blessed with such great friends.
Happy Birthday and have fun skating!

Mandy said...

I just saw that the Stinson's were there! Now I'm kinda sad for the old days. You guys were all so much fun! I still haven't found anything quite like that here. We are some of the most "conservative" in our church and what some people find fun just doesn't appeal to us, (as I know you guys know well!).

The Lockwood Family said...

You Morrises have the most fun parties! I get so many ideas from you all! We are going to try a couple of your games for our youth meeting this Saturday night. I am not at all creative, but I love to copy :)
Merry Christmas to you all...you are so dear to our hearts even though we've never met in person. May the Lord continue to give commfort to your hearts and fill you with great joy this Christmas season.

The Lockwood Family said...
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Anonymous said...

Loved your thoughts about importunity. That passage is in Luke 11 not Luke 10. Thanks for the works of encouragement! I don't know when or where I found your blog but I have been blessed by it.