Wednesday, December 16, 2009

opening presents with Paps and new windows !!!!!

We had Christmas at our house last night....with their "Paps." It was an explosion of excitement ALL day anticipating. The little ones get soooo excited. It was a blessed evening of being together and our family was blessed with needs and pleasures from my Dad and his wife, Shirley! Tonight we are cooking our Christmas meal, turkey and all the trimmings and LOTS of desserts and confections!! Shirley makes peanut brittle that melts in your mouth, I am sneaking very tiny pieces!!! It is addicting!!

Well, here's the scoop on the music CD. Right now we are waiting on the hard copy proof. It is in the air but will not get here until Friday. Now if it looks right with color and all, they will place the order and will likely arrive on Tuesday the 22nd. We would ship them out on the 23rd. The folks in Oklahoma would likely get theirs on the 24th, but the out of state folks will probably get theirs on the 28th. This is the best case scenario IF the proof is good! When Bethany gets back from the dentist, she will set up the pay-pal, you can pre-order so yours will ship out first thing when they get here! They are $12 plus $2.50 shipping, so $14.50 total. She'll make a the button for the CD on the side so you can order anytime you like. I hope your able to get one and support the guys and also be blessed!!!!!

Ok, other BIG news!!! Mercy does not have her passy anymore! We have been telling her for several months that when her Paps gives her gift to her that she has to give up her passy. She has gone along with the talk of it for these months. So last night after the dust settled and people were getting in bed, she was about the last one to get settled, she came to the edge of my bed and said,"mommy, I can not sleep without my passy." It was the saddest voice. I was so heartbroken for her. She whimpered a little and then crawled in bed with me. She talked in whisper for a long time about her passy, saying over and over "mommy I can not sleep w/o my passy." She asked where it was, she said it was too hard and she wanted me to scratch her back and rub her leg and finally she began to get sleepy. We prayed and she was so sweet in trying to understand but it was with a heavy saddness. Finally she went to sleep! This morning, I told her she was soooo brave! I think we'll be good to go from here on out! That first night is so hard. I really did not care if she had it longer but I think some people were wondering when it was going to go! Being the last one ( I guess, since nothing else has happened:) it is a little sad for me, a part of the "baby" stage is now gone from her, but she is very much a mothers girl, so I know I'll still get lots of snuggles!!

We are suppose to get the windows for the add on space today!!!! I can not wait!!! Terry and the guys are working close so when the windows arrive, the guys are going to zip over and put them in. I'll have to take a picture and show you if it all works out!!


Mountain Mama said...

Way to go Big Girl Mercy!!

Ahem! Some of the presents your children received are also under our tree. (except for the OSU clothing. it would be KSU for us :) )

I listened to the snippets of the CD. Love it! Gunna have to get me one!!

Yes, you definitely need to get your family to Utah. Our doors would swing wide open for all of you!


Teena said...

Love it... thanks for sharing.

You mean so much to me....


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

How special for them.

That is funny about Mercy, and about how she is probably the baby. That must be weird for you huh!!! Well no fear, now your children will have those babies for you and oh what a sweet blessing for you.

I have been wanting to watch Joel's Journey lately to let you know and am planning on it soon. I gave those other 2 out as gifts and pray they will touch lives as it has touched mine.


Katie said...

What fun! All of your children are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Anna, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hoodie!!!! :) Do you know where your "Paps" got it? :)

Anna :) said...

Sent ya a email, Petie~ :)

Mountain Mama said...

I am working on Christmas letters. Would like to send one your way. One problem - I need your address.

you can send it to


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Karen said...

Beautiful pictures and wow! Look at all your space! You have such a beautiful family. And the story of Mercy was so tender...made my heart melt.

That cd was beautiful. My family will really enjoy that and we look forward to ordering. I plan to order Joel's Journey later on next year, also. I can't wait to get to know your family better=)

Love You!

Hannah TTTTTTT said...

wow! that looks like sooooooo much fun! i have to wait till Christmas day to open my presents.....