Saturday, December 5, 2009

elijah is 19 today!!!!!!

Happy Birthday

Today Elijah is 19!!! My, how time goes swiftly! Elijah is my "working machine!!" He likes to work and "do" things. I am grateful for his work ethic, his heart for Jesus and he enjoys being with his siblings. Mercy calls him her "tic man," because he brings her tic-tacs. We had a big country breakfast and now the day is underway with cows, footballs games, (high school final playoffs and its at the OSU stadium, where we took our pictures the other day) finishing the shingles on the roof and then this evening the Journey of Bethlehem that they have opportunity to play at. Remember I decided not to do any more big parties for ages 17 and older, so on Monday evening we'll have his nice BD meal.

This is also a special day in another way. Dec.5, 1982 was the day I invited Jesus into my heart! 27 years ago! I am so grateful for Jesus, for changing my life, a sinful, teenager ( I was 20) heading down the wrong road and by His Spirits work, he drew me, convicted me and gave me the gift of faith and repentance and made me a new creature in Christ!

Have a great Saturday!!!

P.S. check out the picture you know what we do for fun around here.......... (its Micah, he ran, jumped and cleared the table!)


Teena said...

How neat is that.... It does seem like yesterday that our children just arrived.

I love what Mercy calls him.

We will watch the UGA game as they play BAMA... we like Tim Tebow. Do you know him?

We have our parade. It is the next town over... it is tradition to go. It is cold here for GEORGIA folks. Suppose to be in the 30's!

Love all the pics!

That pic of Micah I called my Dakota in here to look! :)

Isn't it great that the Lord saved us? I was saved in Feb. 1980. I was raised in a catholic home. I am so thankful I am His.

Have a great weekend.

Danielle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIJH! Hope you have a wonderful day! Sounds like you will with all your gonna be doing! :)

Besh.. :( Hope you get feeling better REAL QUICK! :)

Love ya guys!

Leanne said...

Great dollhouse in the background on that "standing on the table" picture!

19 years old!!?? Wow.

Praise God that you listened to His gentle beckoning.

Mountain Mama said...

A BIG Happy Birthday to Elijah!!

And a Happy Born Again Birthday to you, as well.

So glad to see that your boys are similar to mine...they all do crazy boy things. Good thing you have added on so they can do things like that :)


Virginia (Jenny) said...

That is so awesome about your testimony. Thanks for sharing! I haven't heard one of those in looong time. :) I rededicated my heart to Christ 12 years ago after. I grew up in church but as soon as I turned 18, I couldn't wait to take off and do my own thing. (Which was living in sin). When I shook my head clear of the damage of sin, I realized that walking away from Christ was so not worth it.

Anonymous said...

My husband got a chuckle out of that picture. Your boys are all boy like mine. We have six children, one little boy with leukemia.

Blessings to you,